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Friday’s Fences!

After the car had it’s service it needed an MOT the next day- so another chance for me to explore the side of town I don’t visit so much. Camera in hand of course.

14.11.13 003

Quite a nice field through this fence.

14.11.13 009

How about over the gate?

Is this where you would build over a 100 hundred houses for the elderly? With restaurant, shops etc? Maybe not? The nearby residents have taken up the “Not in my back yard” stance, but where can elderly people live?

My father in law is losing his sight and recently took the decision to go to a care home. My own Dad is getting very frail, but at least lives near me and has friends. My Mum on the other hand moved to Wales 40 years ago, and is now getting forgetful, confused, sad and lonely. The friends and neighbours she had have either gone into care or died, and the incomers are all out to work every day. It is a worry which we as a family are trying to resolve.

Older people need somewhere to live where they feel safe, have company and yet keep independence, a purpose built place is ideal. But here in this field where  the lumps and bumps tend to suggest it has been farmed along a medieval strip system at sometime, yet now is used only for sheep occasionally.

The house I live in was once a green field- less than 100 years ago- as are the homes of the people who live near this field.

Sad though it is I am on the side of building good accommodation here for the elderly, what do you think?

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  1. Apparently the number of households in the country are increasing and so more housing is needed and as you say the elderly need suitable housing but the question comes where to put that housing. I don’t know if the field you show is a good place for the houses. Here in the South I worry about too many new homes overloading the infrastructure.

    • I would agree with you about the South- sometimes I wonder if the British Isles will tip over with everyone crowded round London.
      We have no purpose built flats for the elderly here, but it is a very big development and we have just one Doctors practice and one dentist being a small town.
      We shall see…

  2. It is very sad for us seniors in more ways than one. Especially, if we get where we have health issues and cannot take care of ourselves. Trust the good Lord takes me before that happens.

  3. I agree with you also…It is so important for our older population to have a place where they can live out the rest of their lives with dignity n grace! A place where they can be looked after if needed and have companionship with one another!

  4. I agree with you. We must look after our oldies. After all they are the reason we are here and they deserve the best we can give them.

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