Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

This year I made a big push to use all my carefully kept craft materials to make some Christmas cards- 20 Christmas cards in fact. Carefully kept? Well mostly recycled Christmas cards, scraps of unused Christmas wrapping paper- you know the odd bits you are always left with which are too small for anything, treasures from packaging, craft materials gifted by crafty friends etc. Here’s what I mean.

carrot chutney 2013 002

These are all made from old cards with bits added to some. You may need to click on the picture to see them better.

carrot chutney 2013 003

The papers on these are the scraps from previous years wrapping paper. Father Christmas came from a last years card.

carrot chutney 2013 004

The two snowmen on here are from old cards too- the orange bow was from packaging of something or other.

The urge to get covered in glue and glitter stems ,I am sure , from my happy days working with pre- schoolers.

We tried to go to a Christmas market on Saturday- nightmare- the streets were rammed with people and the market stalls when we got there, were 6-8 people deep.We gave up. Popped into a few of likely looking shops- advertising they were Vintage and Handmade. Handmade they may have been- but Vintage style is what they were. Most disappointing. I’ll stick with my homemade Christmas decorations,which probably do qualify as Vintage now!

It seems sad to me that there is such a market for commercial Vintage style- when the real thing can be made with love at home.

Linking with Handmade Harbour today- some lovely handmade treasures there!

I’ve not been able to blog for a couple of days on account of the glitter and glue- all tidied up now, and on with the knitting…

Love to know what everyone else is making for their handmade Christmas.





Comments on: "Upcycled treasures into homemade Christmas cards" (11)

  1. Looks like you have been having fun!

  2. Hi from Handmade Monday. I have been crocheting a ton of animals for a crafts fair on Saturday. My faves are my Christmas mice. I will also be selling my pet portraits at the fair. Love your Christmas cards and it is amazing what you have made from old cards.

  3. I can just imagine you getting happily stuck in … pun intended 😉

  4. Now I know why I’ve been saving all my cards for the last………years!!! Hugs……

  5. Beautiful Christmas cards.

  6. These look great! : )

  7. Love the snowman cards, they look fabulous!

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