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InSpirational Sunday

I couldn’t help but wonder what was the purpose of a Church Spire? One school of thought suggests that a spire points the way to heaven. A more prosaic explanation is that spires were added to church towers because the builders could build it, and the congregation could pay for one. So, once one church had a spire the neighbouring towns and villages wanted one too.

My thought is that a spire can be seen wherever you are in the parish and so are reminded of God throughout your day.

But is this true? I set about a walk into town from every direction to photo the Spire of my church St Peter and St Paul, Pickering, UK

It came as a bit of a surprise to me to realise that you can’t always see what you expect to see, and sometimes the nearer you get the harder it gets to see something as buildings get in the way. And what you can see on one side of the road you can’t see on the other, and sometimes you have to walk quite a way away before you see anything. It was a fascinating experience and I haven’t yet walked all the ways into town. But here are the first set of pictures.

Starting from our bedroom window, here is the first glimpse

7.12.13 001

and the first decent view into town from home

tree,fence,church7.11.13 014

tucked between the Memorial hall and some converted flats.

Coming around the Memorial Hall onto the bridge

21.11.13 001

there it is again.

From the top of the hill to the north

16.11.13 015

much closer but barely visible-you may need to click on this picture to even see it.

Coming from the East

13.11.13 006

here is the Spire over the trees.

Crossing the road to Whitby you have to come much closer

13.11.13 007

walking along the side of the old Vicarage.  Finally into the church yard

13.11.13 008

for a decent view near my ancestors tomb.

Approaching from the south east, I found I had to walk a lot further than I thought

14.11.13 001

what spire? Here it is in a close up

14.11.13 002

Coming in from the south I had to come right into town for this

14.11.13 012

Now the Spire can be seen from further away from the south- I have yet to walk that route for these pictures. I’ve got a few more routes out of town to take.

It surprised me that the view from the biggest hill was hopeless, so hopeless I won’t show those shots. I’ll leave you with my favourite view.

13.11.13 009

Too much road in the picture- getting a decent shot is a project for 2014!

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As the year closes…

It was more than worth the months of preparation to have two sons, two partners, one Great Grandad, two grandsons, one granddaughter, one husband and yours truly around our table for Christmas.

toni 25.12.13

Just a prefect Christmas.Here’s the delectable little Miss F who is missing from the picture above.


with her Nanacathy- my perfect Christmas gift

christmas 2013 012

and here’s Master T looking like I feel…


The Father Christmas is now nearly 40 years old and he just loved being the centre of attention again.

Photos by Mr E and Mrs T.

So what now? A time for reflection as this year draws to an end? A time to hibernate a little, to curl up by the fire, read a little, drink tea and think? Maybe a walk or two in the crisp winter air?

I have been so extraordinarily busy for the last four months, I need to stop, draw breathe and think,what next Nanacathy, what next?

Crafting and cooking all the way!

I have finally run out of oomph.. am ready or not… Christmas is coming!

But not before I made these ribbon covered baubles

23.12 .13 011

Mr B and Ms G had a lovely red ribbon covered bauble on their tree last weekend- apparently it came-from John Lewis. I could make that I thought.

Not as easy as I thought and could be improved. Approximately three metres of ribbon to cover each bauble- I used prit stick and a couple of pins, top and bottom to secure the ribbon. I am sure you can figure out who is going to be the recipient!

Then there was just time to crochet this

23.12 .13 002

The pattern is from Sarah at Repeat crafter me

Then I made some

23.12 .13 003

Ginger florentines and some

23.12 .13 004

shortbread. Iced the Christmas cake and made a chocolate log.

Phew! That’s it!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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Father Christmas InSpiration?

Sometimes an opportunity just comes along. I had planned out exactly which local church I was going to post this week, when on our travels last weekend this happened.

reading-dec13 007

Yup here HE is..

reading-dec13 006

Just strolling along- a case of bad landing, perhaps?

Taken at Henley on Thames and aptly it is the church of St Mary the Virgin

Here’s a better picture of the church and Thames

reading-dec13 003

Just goes to show that you should always have a camera to the ready!!

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Nearly ready….

I charged at today, have been here there and everywhere. And an hour ago finally hand delivered local Christmas cards, and slowly it’s dawning on me that I can now relax, I either will or won’t fit in everything I planned ,so, I can enjoy the final days of preparation for a great big fat family Christmas. The adrenalin is draining away and I feel chilled and oh so HAPPY.

I have finished the “teddy” for Master H

21.12.13 001

Thank you Jean Greenhowe for your wonderful patterns.

I made a simple , very simple table decoration

21.12.13 002

From the top

21.12.13 003

This was inspired by the materials I had to hand and a blog I read earlier this week- wish I had written down whose blog it was so I could thank them too.

One vanilla candle, in a glass pot and basket which had a hyacinth  in last year, anchored into some dry oasis, surrounded by glass beads, a string of beads and some baubles,. Simple.

21.12.13 004

And this so effective vase of baubles- vase from a flower arrangement which I was sent for  a Mother’s Day a few years ago and baubles originally used when I went on a flower arranging course for Christmas two years ago. Again inspired by a blogger whose name I didn’t record.

Thank you.

How come this turquoise came out when Mopsy Rabbit looks blue not turquoise? ?

If you are looking for inspiration for Christmas decorations let me recommend two completely different bloggers approach..

First go to Penny for some fabulous mind blowing vintage treats


Then for a different natural approach try Annie






Friday Fence!!!

So a wall is not a fence, and neither is this weeks picture strictly speaking a fence, but I couldn’t resist sharing these two pictures.

reading-dec13 005

reading-dec13 004

Never work with children or animals they say- I could add birds too, there were four birds when I started to take this shot…..

Taken in Henley on Thames- yes that is the Thames, last weekend when we went to spread the seasons greetings to our son Mr B and partner Ms G, who can’t come for our big family Christmas this year.

reading-dec13 001

I am so excited at the thought of two of my boys being here with their families, but time is running away with me- two unfinished gifts to make and two to start still, and cooking, cleaning  and shopping and  work to fit in…

I will be ready, I will be ready….

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Just a little bit of sewing.

I recorded both the Great British Sewing Bee and Kirsty’s Christmas to watch “sans” Mr E who isn’t into sewing and crafts, and thought wouldn’t it be nice to do a bit of sewing whilst I watched.

I had everything I needed to make the customised baby blanket from

reading-dec13 012

this lovely book. And here is

reading-dec13 011

this little rabbit. I used a fleece bought from ASDA-I noticed that Sainsbury’s make one too. The book used a blanket with a fringe and said to make the tail from one strand of the fringe. Not only didn’t I have a fringe , the book then warns that this should not be given to child under three as the wool fringe and tail present a choking hazard. So a baby blanket not for a baby. I made the tail from a circle of white felt tightly gathered and the stuffing very well secured and sewn down.

Mr E said it looked very professional! Gosh!!

It was so nice to watch both these programmes in peace and quiet whilst I hand stitched this. I do love hand sewing so much. As for the programmes, nice to watch but I won’t be making anything shown- I think the blogs I read are so much more inspirational.

And here’s the blanket with Mopsy Rabbit- both of course for the delectable little Miss F.reading-dec13 013

PS both are turquoise but my camera seems incapable of taking this colour- or maybe it’s cos I am not very good at photography!!!!!



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