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Friday’s Fences

You can’t beat a simple treat of feeding the ducks with children. We always head here for ducks with our grandchildren- the riverside walk in Pickering. Here is the “Riverside Walk”, taken back in September.

23.9.13 016

with cobweb

23.9.13 017

and bridge and ducks

23.9.13 019

over the road is this building

23.9.13 021

Almost unbelievable  how many pigeons there are on the roof top

23.9.13 023

OK so far no cute pictures of grandchild with ducks- I’ve dug through my photo archive to bring you these taken pre blogging days…

A very young Master H with his Daddy Mr J

with his Uncle B in charge of the buggy!

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Comments on: "Friday’s Fences" (6)

  1. we had a little lake where i grew up and we’d get a loaf of bread and go feed the ducks, fun memories! 🙂 i enjoyed your photos!

  2. Kids and ducks are a magical combination. It’s special to see the joy on a child’s face when a duck accepts the food the child has tossed down.

  3. magicalmysticalteacher said:

    Your photos—even the snowy-day ones—radiate peace and joy!

    Lighthouse Fence

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