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Crochet blanket update

So I have finished joining up all the blocks and have started on the edging of my cottage garden themed blanket. I had a DC then three chains then a DC (SC,US) around the edge to work with, so I am doing a DC into each DC and a HTR, TR, HTR into each three chain space.The result is quite pleasing, as it curls and I want to create a foliage effect.

I am not certain if I will go round more than once, I shall have to see how it looks on a bed- which I’ve not done yet.

A few facts- it took a 150g of wool to edge each block, then nearly 400 to join them all. I over bought on my joining yarn so I have plenty to play with on the border.

It is pretty heavy now and very warm- with a duvet even in winter it would be very warm on a bed. I have run out of Downton Abbey programmes to watch while stitching in the ends from joining, and there are a LOT of ends. Fortunately I have three hours of the Great British Bake off master class still to catch up on. Bliss. I have a few more ideas for it, but I have other crochet plans for Christmas to get on with now, so it will be a while before I next show this blanket.

Here she is

14.11.13 013


Comments on: "Crochet blanket update" (7)

  1. I think she’s lovely!!! I think I want a blanket or bedspread for my next big project 🙂

  2. You’ve the same taste in TV as me! I’m looking forward to ‘Mr Selfridge’ coming back on after Christmas but ‘The Paradise’ has been rather lame this time.

  3. I’m not looking forward to doing the ends but I am leaving them at least until I’ve finished the joining. Looking forward to seeing it finished. 🙂

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