Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Yarn Along!

First of all Congratulations and much love to Ginny at Small Things  (host to Yarn Along!) who was safely delivered of her new baby on 5 November . He is beautiful.

Whatever happened to picture jumpers to children? My boys loved them. Last year the shops were full of Christmas jumpers but there doesn’t seem to be a general picture jumper revival yet. I don’t care- Master T is too young to know that my latest offering for his wardrobe was first knitted for his Uncle B ,20 something years ago. And who knows I might be on trend, first in the fashion queue..

6.11.13 008

As there will be no less than 4 buttons sewn onto the hat and suit on the front, he may just love it-( he is a big button fan!!)

I am still reading Tom Sawyer- it was written as a book for children, but I am wondering if a modern child would enjoy it, or a parent or school promote the story. Last week I mentioned the freedom to roam and get into mischief Tom was permitted.

This week I shall mention the darker side of the story. There was great poverty in the community, children going hungry and barefoot ( although this may have been by choice in the summer). Tom was physically beaten both at school and home. He seems to have frequently got out of the house at midnight for his escapades ( this would be classed as neglect, these days). He ran away from home with two friends to live on an island for a week, before making a dramatic re appearance at their own funerals. Tom and his friend Huckleberry Finn witness a murder. Huckleberry overhears a plot ( unsuccessful) to torture a widow by a criminal on the run for the murder, for the supposed wrong her husband did to the villain of the plot. Then Tom and his “girlfriend” Becky get lost for several days in a magnificent cave full of passages , stalactites and BATS, before finding their way out 5 miles down river. And of course there is the hideous under current of acceptance of slavery which runs as a strand throughout the book.

The book is well written and easily accessible in terms of language and does conjure up both sides of the past of life in Missouri in 1835-1845. Would I give it to a ten year old child these days, maybe but with a lot of guidance.


Comments on: "Yarn Along!" (4)

  1. Maybe some of what you describe is no worse than in the Harry Potter books. Or would you restrict them too?

  2. I think children will take what they can handle.
    I don’t remember thinking that deeply about it when I read it as a child. I was just in awe of being able to be out and about, much like Enid Blyton’s Famous Five or Nesbit’s Five Children and It.

    • You are right- it all seemed quite normal and plausible when I read it at school- I wonder if it was an abridged version? Who knows?

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