Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Well here is the church in question, but the clock is going just fine these days….

Florence oct  13 033

Rupert Brooke wrote the poem “The Old Vicarage, Granchester” and the lines

“Stands the church clock at ten-to-three

And is there honey still for tea?”

on a trip to Berlin in 1912 whilst feeling homesick for Cambridge and in particular Granchester, his friends and the idyllic lifestyle he had led as a student.

If you would like to read more on Rupert Brooke, look here

If this wets your appetite ,, then visit the church

Florence oct  13 031

and if you visit Granchester near Cambridge, be sure to take in this museum, and have your tea in the same spot he used to frequent

Florence oct  13 023

here at the Orchard tea rooms

you won’t be disappointed.

Joining in with Inspired Sunday, where you can see some really lovely churches.

I have one more from our trip to Cambridge for next week, which will show the link between Cambridge and the US.


Comments on: "Stands the church clock at ten to three?" (5)

  1. I love Granchester although the tea rooms are expensive!!

  2. i enjoy ur church lighting. shadows & all. i will check ur link. thx. ( ;

  3. Love that old stone church. I would very much like to visit it and have tea in Rupert’s spot.

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