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Friday’s Fence!

The car needed a service- it takes an hour and a half, whilst I waited I went a walk with my camera and found a footpath I didn’t know about.Here ‘s the fence I found…

13.11.13 003

I waited ages but that horse just kept eating and would not turn round- heigh ho, or should that be Neigh No! or Hay ho?

Joining with Life according to Jan and Jer  for Friday’s Fences- and is there a spooky one to see there!


Yarn Along!

As always at this time of year I realize I probably don’t have time to make everything I’d like to by Christmas day- but I’ll have jolly good try.

Here’s what I am knitting now

chutney 27.11.13 001

Now is that not the cutest softest most cuddly rabbit ever. I am making this one for Little Miss F, the main colour is turquoise with white for the inner arms, legs and ears. The wool is Sirdar Snowflake and is so soft and gorgeous.

The strange thing is that the purl side, being the fluffiest side is the right side and it is very hard to tell the right from the wrong side, hence the coloured wool at the start of the first purl row to help. Body, head and arms completed, legs and ears to go!

I’m still reading Huckleberry Finn which is under the pile of knitting but is invisible in this photo.Bad Photographer Nana C!

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“Ha Ha” said the Clown

For a boy who does this kind of thing

theo on jade

I just had to make this jumper

theo jumper 25.11.13 001

here is the clown in close up

theo jumper 25.11.13 002

and because he will always wear the jumpers I make him as they have special buttons – this is what he has this time

theo jumper 25.11.13 003

The pattern is by King Cole and the first photo was taken by my daughter in law

Joining with Woolhogs for November Made it

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InSpired Sunday

St Lawrence, Lechlade

Florence oct  13 080

This was the last church I was able to photo on our trip to Gloucestershire, in October. Picture taken from a car park – sadly no time to explore the church- minor family crisis intervened, all safely resolved. I’m back on home territory for the next few Inspired Sundays – linking in with Inspired Sunday.


Marmalade Brownies

I can’t resist supermarket free magazines and the recipes within, which I like to try with mixed results.  Usual comments are

“It’s ok but I wouldn’t want it again”

or ” Nice, but I prefer …. that you make”.

These brownies are the exception. Recipe taken from the Co-op September/ October magazine- this one’s a keeper.

21.11.13 022

100g butter

3 eggs

150g light brown sugar

150g dark chocolate ( sshh I used Lidl chocolate- much cheaper!)

100g SR flour

25g chopped walnuts

3 tbsp nice marmalade

Oven 180C/350F/Gas mark 4

Grease and line a shallow square tin (mine was 8″)

Beat the eggs and sugar together in a large bowl.

Melt the chocolate and butter in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. Stir into the egg mixture.

Add flour, nuts and marmalade to the mix and stir until combined.

Pour into prepared tin, bake for 30-35 minutes. Leave to cool in the tin for 10 minutes. Turn onto cooling rack. Cut into squares when cold. The recipe says makes 12- I made 16!

They are delicious- some bites are pure brownie, then you get ones with the crunch of the walnuts, but the most delicious are the bites with a bit of gooey gorgeous marmalade.

Linking with Heather for what I am eating

Do check out the lovely food there

I made my Christmas cake last week- this week I am hoping to make some carrot chutney and maybe a Christmas pudding. Love to know what’s cooking in your kitchen this week.

Friday’s Fences

You can’t beat a simple treat of feeding the ducks with children. We always head here for ducks with our grandchildren- the riverside walk in Pickering. Here is the “Riverside Walk”, taken back in September.

23.9.13 016

with cobweb

23.9.13 017

and bridge and ducks

23.9.13 019

over the road is this building

23.9.13 021

Almost unbelievable  how many pigeons there are on the roof top

23.9.13 023

OK so far no cute pictures of grandchild with ducks- I’ve dug through my photo archive to bring you these taken pre blogging days…

A very young Master H with his Daddy Mr J

with his Uncle B in charge of the buggy!

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Who I am?

Knowing who we are and our families story enriches us and gives a sense of belonging. Finding out Who we are has never been easier with so many sites to help with tracking genealogy. It is the most fascinating and exciting mystery story to track back one’s ancestors.

I have previously written about my Yorkshire roots, but my Mum’s family were Liverpudlians. Mum always maintained that one side of her family was Scottish- to quote her “the women were all big boned Scottish women”. She was oh so WRONG! That branch of the family came from Gloucestershire, via London to Liverpool.

From Fairford ,Gloucestershire to be precise. Thanks to Genes Reunited I was put in touch with a man who had done the research. We share three times great Grandparents. Our ancestors weren’t very grand- the oldest occupation we have listed is a slatter (roofer), then seedsman ( sewer of seeds) . ( If you are intersted in old occupations then look here)

Our seedsmen then became gardeners and then started to sell the seeds in London, before moving to London to set up a respectable seed company. ( Since bought out in the 1940s by a very well known seed company which still trades). My relative became the Liverpool branch of this company, which closed much earlier. My Grandad however worked in the Cotton Exchange buying and selling cotton. Not a drop of Scottish blood anywhere, sorry Mum.

On our trip last month down south we went to Fairford. To St Mary’s church.

Florence oct  13 073

My son had already visited so was able to take us straight here

Florence oct  13 074

The gravestone of my relative dated 1864- he was a Gardener and parish clerk, and it was his son who made the move to London.

Florence oct  13 077

The church is magnificent, the stained glass windows unbelievable. The church was built on wool money and enjoyed royal patronage.You can read more about it here.

The town of Fairford is completely unspoilt having missed the tourist trade of more well known Cotswold towns. It has a lovely serene and calm air and we all said we would love to live there.

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