Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Joining the blocks has become addictive- just one more,just this one, until I have no more crochet left in me each night. I stated from the middle pink flower and worked out. Here’s where I am .

tree,crochet 2 010

So big It’s hard to get into one picture frame, so in close up

tree,crochet 2 013

And again

tree,crochet 2 012

The amount of ends of green yarn began to get daunting, till I hit upon the idea of Downton Abbey, which I record as Mr E doesn’t like it.  I will watch Downton as my “reward” as I stitch in the ends.

I love the border that is created from the flat braid , but I need to have a think about how to do an edge round the whole blanket when complete. I will have as my base a DC (SC,US) then three chains then a DC. Does anyone have a suggestion please?

I will have plenty of yarn left over to do this with, having severely over estimated how much wool it is going to take. I’d like something which will add to the green foliage effect.




Comments on: "200 crochet block blanket update" (9)

  1. Oh wow that is looking lovely, how exciting to see it all together 🙂

  2. Such an attractive blanket!

  3. You are further ahead than I am! It is lovely to see all the squares again isn’t it? It is looking beautiful and cheery. No ideas for the edging. I have left off the loops on the outside edge of mine to give a firmer base but am still not sure how I will finish it off.

  4. Is it really going to have 200 squares in it by the time you finish?

    • No, That’s the name of the book by Jan Eaton that all the squares came from. There are a lot of blocks, but the 200 included different colour ways of the same block!
      Thank goodness-I say as it’s going to be big enough for a single bed! And I made a test piece of 9 blocks which I didn’t like, now being used by my son’s cat!

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