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Yarn Along!

23.10.13 001

So let’s start with these sweet little hats made for the Innocent Big Knit, for which Innocent Smoothies will make a 25p donation to Age UK. I was a bit late in starting to make some as the leaflet I picked up at the end of September gave a cut off date 0f 27 September. But then I saw the TV adverts which gave a date in early November. They took an evening to knit 5 hats and a further evening to do the pompoms. And were fun to do. If you like to make one, you still have time. Just go here for a pattern.

Here the hats are again

23.10.13 003

Can anyone guess which is the one for the football team three of my family support, and which team it is?

I apologise for the photo setting- I usually take it in my craft room (spare bedroom) but it’s full of the contents of the airing cupboard as I am decorating the bathroom!

Meantime back to the book I have just read. I must say taking a Kindle on your travels is brilliant- a whole library can go with you.

So on my recent travels I read The Thread by Victoria Hislop.  It was an appropriate choice as we also went to Sussex to see Mr E’s family home for the last time as his Dad has elected to go into care, suffering from failing eyesight, but otherwise he is as fit as a fiddle. And we both remembered his Mum whilst we were there.

My mother in law Katina was Greek, but born in Asia Minor . At the end of the first world war there was an exchange of populations, with Greek Muslims going to Turkey and Turkey born Greeks going to Greece. Katina was about three years old, with and an older and younger brother.  With her parents they made their way to Thessaloniki. A clever girl, gifted in languages who won a University place, but unable to take it up as she needed to have a wage with the onset of the second world war. She was always keen on embroidery . She meet my father in law N who was a British soldier sent to Greece to help with the aftermath of the war. They fell in love, married, lived in England, three children, 7 grand children and 5 great grandchildren!

The Thread is about a girl , born in Asia Minor, called Katerina, goes to Thessaloniki, makes her money as a seamstress. Falls in love, marries  a Greek man! The book had been recommended to me by all E’s family and I can see why!

Nicely written , it conjures up a picture of life in Greece in the 20 century. I recommend it to you. You can find it here

Linking in with Ginny for Yarn Along

Do check out the other lovely projects and good reads!


Comments on: "Yarn Along!" (13)

  1. What adorable hats. I always enjoy crafting for a good cause. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Love your hats. Started on mine this evening. You were right. Quick and fun!

  3. Love the colors in the hats!

  4. Oh, I only know the colours of Manchester United and CIty…but your little hats are very cute. The thread sounds a really interesting read Cathy. I hadn’t heard of it before but will look it up. Your extended family sounds interesting too…a bit like mine, my husband is Persian born in Tehran.
    I’ll go over and check the link to the thread now…thanks for sharing.

    • Not Manchester for certain sure- different league!!!! Your family sounds interesting indeed- we have all sorts in ours now… Do check out the other blogs in Yarn Along- there are some super ones.

  5. OOOh how lovely, great little hats and a wonderful cause to support too.

  6. Oh what sweet hats! I’m guessing your family teams colors are the blue and yellow?

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