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I have been thinking about what makes a good Grand Parent.  I loved my Granny- she was the best person in the whole world. Mr E loved his Granny- she was the best person in the whole world. But why.. what were their qualities.

My Granny was 70 when I was born, she was quite a reserved person – quiet. I don’t recall her making me laugh, in fact I recall very little of her. But there her memory sits in my heart- best person in the whole world. She was a good cook- well I do know she made the best lemon Victoria sandwich cake ever- years later when I made my own lemon curd I realized that homemade lemon curd was what made hers special. Mr E says his Granny made the best ever biscuits. But it’s more than food that makes a special grand parent.

When it comes down to it, Granny was non judgmental , at least of me, gentle , kind and had time. She would take me on tours of her house and show me her special things. Granny made me feel special. She was quite a contrast to my bossy whirl wind of a mother- who ran her household as if we were all her 5 years old pupils who needed Sorting Out. Several times in the last week I have heard Mum described as feisty or fierce!

Sadly Granny died when I was just 10, and still a child. I wish I could know her now- so many questions… so much love.

All of which takes me to how we spent a large part of last week- looking after Master T for his Mum and Dad. Master T loves to climb- everything.. but he also loves stories and jigsaw puzzles. He was utterly delightful to be with, but maybe, if I am honest, a bit tiring. I hope we were good Grand Parents. I’d love to hear if you had a Grand Parent you adored and if you know what those elusive qualities were.

Meet Master T

Florence oct  13 057

At the Steam Museum

Florence oct  13 063

playing trains

Florence oct  13 064

doing puzzles

Florence oct  13 066

sort of helping Grandad build a bridge

Florence oct  13 068

wolfing down pasta- note the Nana knit with his favourite tractor buttons

Florence oct  13 083

Trying to find a suitable toy for his Baby Sister- who he thinks is called OLIVER!


Comments on: "On being a good Grand Parent." (6)

  1. A beautiful post. I, like you, adored my grandmothers and wish they were still here to ask more questions. I especially wish I could have asked my Hungarian grandmother more questions. Her English was fairly basic and we never really had deep conversations that I wish we could have had. I think partly, because I always saw her with lots of other family around. With my other grandmother, I spent much more time with her alone and loved hearing stories of her childhood.

    • Thanks for sharing this. Grandmothers are just special, but it is a lot to live up too! Have you ever visited Hungary to see where she came from? That would be such an interesting and evocative thing for you to do.

  2. What a lovely post!

  3. I loved my nan and I hated school, so every lunchtime I went to my nan’s and she fed me… it was the only part of the school day I enjoyed! Strangely, in my memory, she always had bottle of Guiness at lunchtime, but I’m not sure whether this is really true. Either way, she did teach me how to pour bottled beer to avoid too much of a head!!

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