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200 crochet block blanket update

Joining the blocks has become addictive- just one more,just this one, until I have no more crochet left in me each night. I stated from the middle pink flower and worked out. Here’s where I am .

tree,crochet 2 010

So big It’s hard to get into one picture frame, so in close up

tree,crochet 2 013

And again

tree,crochet 2 012

The amount of ends of green yarn began to get daunting, till I hit upon the idea of Downton Abbey, which I record as Mr E doesn’t like it.  I will watch Downton as my “reward” as I stitch in the ends.

I love the border that is created from the flat braid , but I need to have a think about how to do an edge round the whole blanket when complete. I will have as my base a DC (SC,US) then three chains then a DC. Does anyone have a suggestion please?

I will have plenty of yarn left over to do this with, having severely over estimated how much wool it is going to take. I’d like something which will add to the green foliage effect.




Yarn Along!

30.10.2013 002

I have been so busily engrossed with my cottage garden crochet blanket that knitting was put on the back burner. I had a mammoth knitting session last night,and the latest little offering for Little Miss F is ready to sew up and have a button sewn on. OOH lovely , a trip to the button shop.

Meantime I finished the White Queen by Phillipa Gregory, read a short ghost story by Charles Dickens on my kindle, and the book version of the film Ruthless People. ( I do find both Danny De Vito and Bette Midler, very funny, and the book was as funny as the film). Then I was stuck, what to read next ? I turned the last page of Ruthless people, tucked up in bed late at night, not quite ready for sleep, with nothing close by that I fancied.  So a quick trip – literally over Mr E’s clutter on his side of the bed to the bookshelf in our bedroom. This is mostly full of E’s bedtime reading- endless Rumpole and Sherlock Holmes, but then I spotted my copy of Tom Sawyer.

I must have read this at school aged around 11 or 12 and enjoyed it enough to buy my own copy when I was 21. I have not read it since. Now I am three sons and two grandsons on and Tom Sawyer makes me laugh so much. It describes small boys to an absolute T. From the content of their grotty pockets of treasures , to their games of pirates etc, to the dodges out of things they don’t want to do and to the Showing Off to impress others!

The story saddens me in that we have lost such a lot in denying children the freedom to explore on their own and get up to mischief. I am grateful that I had my childhood in the 50s when we could and did roam far and wide and were outside all day, without an adult watching over us.

E and I chose to move to a small Oxfordshire village which in the late 80s was still quiet and sleepy, to try to give our boys the same childhood we had enjoyed. We lived on a main through fare, but I doubt I saw as much as three tractors a day pass by. Everyone knew everyone and all the adults ( mostly stay at home Mums) looked out for the children. Stranger passing through- we all knew in minutes- and the children played on the playing field- the houses overlooking it kept watch. The children went down to the river in big groups and paddled and swam. They rode bikes, played football, climbed trees, collected conkers,found frogs, washed cars and had some of the freedom enjoyed by us in the 50s and 60s. Yes they did get into mischief, but the village bobby and school teachers were supportive of parents. And anyway getting into mischief is part of being a child.

At the time our boys thought that life in a town or city would be much better. Now they have friends from University and jobs and hear of what child hood is like there and are so grateful for what we gave them. I hope that in some small safe communities there are still children playing freely in fields and woods- there aren’t here any more….. except when it snows- and then the teenagers become children again and sledge down our hills!

There is a darker side to Tom Sawyer, but then there is to life also. I’ll share some more of this book next week.

Meantime joining in with Ginny for Yarn along

I’ll leave you with this picture of a gift of Autumn Colour given to me at the weekend by my dear friend C from her garden

30.10.2013 003


InSPIREd Sunday

Linking in with Inspired Sunday. Here is the Round Church in Cambridge,UK

Florence oct  13 034

Cup cakes and Chutney!

Yesterday was the Wear it Pink Day in the UK to raise funds for breast cancer research.See here for more details.  So we wore pink at work and baked cakes.

tree,crochet 2 014


Today I have picked the last of  our tomato crop. Enough ripe ones and some green ones. Just as well this came on Monday

tree,crochet 2 015

Lovely jam jars and kilner jars.

So without further ado I had this bubbling away

tree,crochet 2 016

Which made

tree,crochet 2 017

Three little jars and one large ( not shown)  Just a few more runner beans to pick and then that’s it for this year!

Green tomato recipe was from my faithful Good Housekeeping cookery book. Only I use red wine vinegar rather than malt , which I find too over powering.

Joining with Townsend House for some more yummy food

Friday Fences!


Here’s a rather nice view through a fence I took at the end of September on my way to work. Since then the field has been ploughed and replanted and the new green shoots have appeared.So Quick.

23.9.13 005

Joining with Life according to Jan and Jer for Friday fences


Cottage Garden Crochet Blanket-update

I would never have thought that joining up blocks for a crochet blanket could be so much fun, but it is. To see it growing- literally before my eyes,is as exciting as seeing the flowers grow in the garden. I have started from the centre and am working out- here is where I am .

crochet blanket1 003

I edged each block with the same wool as I am using to join them together. It is

crochet blanket1 007

And it is brilliant for when I need to add a few more crochet stitches to get the blocks right- some being slightly bigger/smaller than the norm of 6″ square. You can’t see them! Also it adds more green to the garden and gives texture as it is variegated- just like a garden.

crochet blanket1 006

I edged each square with 14 DCs ( SC-US) with one chain between each- sometimes there was a bit of ducking and diving going on with two chains occasionally or 15 DCs- but it doesn’t seem to show! A purist would spot it…. I am using a flat braid to join them.

crochet blanket1 004

But all in all it looks OK to me

crochet blanket1 005

Right, just about got time to do one more before I go off to work!

If you click on the pictures you can see it better.


Yarn Along!

23.10.13 001

So let’s start with these sweet little hats made for the Innocent Big Knit, for which Innocent Smoothies will make a 25p donation to Age UK. I was a bit late in starting to make some as the leaflet I picked up at the end of September gave a cut off date 0f 27 September. But then I saw the TV adverts which gave a date in early November. They took an evening to knit 5 hats and a further evening to do the pompoms. And were fun to do. If you like to make one, you still have time. Just go here for a pattern.

Here the hats are again

23.10.13 003

Can anyone guess which is the one for the football team three of my family support, and which team it is?

I apologise for the photo setting- I usually take it in my craft room (spare bedroom) but it’s full of the contents of the airing cupboard as I am decorating the bathroom!

Meantime back to the book I have just read. I must say taking a Kindle on your travels is brilliant- a whole library can go with you.

So on my recent travels I read The Thread by Victoria Hislop.  It was an appropriate choice as we also went to Sussex to see Mr E’s family home for the last time as his Dad has elected to go into care, suffering from failing eyesight, but otherwise he is as fit as a fiddle. And we both remembered his Mum whilst we were there.

My mother in law Katina was Greek, but born in Asia Minor . At the end of the first world war there was an exchange of populations, with Greek Muslims going to Turkey and Turkey born Greeks going to Greece. Katina was about three years old, with and an older and younger brother.  With her parents they made their way to Thessaloniki. A clever girl, gifted in languages who won a University place, but unable to take it up as she needed to have a wage with the onset of the second world war. She was always keen on embroidery . She meet my father in law N who was a British soldier sent to Greece to help with the aftermath of the war. They fell in love, married, lived in England, three children, 7 grand children and 5 great grandchildren!

The Thread is about a girl , born in Asia Minor, called Katerina, goes to Thessaloniki, makes her money as a seamstress. Falls in love, marries  a Greek man! The book had been recommended to me by all E’s family and I can see why!

Nicely written , it conjures up a picture of life in Greece in the 20 century. I recommend it to you. You can find it here

Linking in with Ginny for Yarn Along

Do check out the other lovely projects and good reads!

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