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Friday fence

23.9.13 013

Well you can just about see the blue fence in front of the massive construction of a new Lidl!

Pickering only has a tiny and very expensive Co op store for grocery shopping, so this will certainly ease the cost of living  when it opens. Just hoping it doesn’t damage the trade of two greengrocers, three butchers, three bakeries and a deli, which is not bad for a modern day high street!

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Comments on: "Friday fence" (10)

  1. Progress in action….hope the small merchants can compete with the bigger store!

  2. I wish we still had a butcher!

  3. It looks like it is going to be huge. Great shot when opened up…a lot to look at.

  4. Just a right touch of fence. The larger stores tend to really effect the smaller ones.

  5. It will Nana, but it is good for us the consumers, you can find almost everything with just one stop 🙂 have you heard of Walmart??

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