Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Yarn Along!

Tomatoes were my top priority last week , no time even to share the little bit of knitting and reading I managed to squeeze in between kitchen and work. So here is the sweetest little Pixie hat I ever saw, all ready for the new little someone, which I did complete.

18.9.13 007

And for reading there was a book by a local author.

18.9.13 008

Mike Pannet was a policeman in this area, the places he writes about are accurate! But it has to be said he manages to instill a lot of drama into very little! Which is probably why we like living here in a low crime area. Thefts from farms and motoring offenses form the biggest part of his job , but it does portray life in Ryedale!

My Current knitting is

18.9.13 006

another little pink jacket- are you thinking pink? With three sons and two grandsons it would be so lovely if this grandchild due in September/ early October was female- she has a pink nursery waiting for her and a midwife who is 85% certain she is a she.. I still hear 15% boy and would be totally delighted with another little lad…but…pink thoughts!

Meantime of course late summer has become early autumn and the nights have a certain nip about them, the chimney needs sweeping before we need to light the wood stove. And this conjures up pictures of cups of tea before the fire and a GOOD BOOK to read.Saturday saw me in the library and oh do I think I did well.

18.9.13 011

A Ruth Rendell,which I have just started to be followed by the White Queen by Philippa Gregory- anyone else enjoy that TV programme?

And I borrowed this..

18.9.13 010

Who likes the Great British Bake off? I do. So was thrilled to find this book- bit annoyed when I got home to find not by Mary Baker- she writes a half page forward, but very very clear instructions and pictures- rather too many of children just playing..what’s that about? But clear recipes for some things I never made before.. will let you know how I get on.

And to round off my reading ,through the post came this..

18.9.13 009

Now I know I have lots of knitting projects still in the pipeline but one can’t have enough wool can one? And my favourite mail order firm has got some super new patterns and yarn. I’m wondering would my family think me odd if I requested knitting needles and patterns for my birthday next month?

Joining in with Ginny at Small Things for Yarn Along

Love to know what you are reading at the moment and if you have tried any of these books?



Comments on: "Yarn Along!" (16)

  1. Lovely hat… and I too am really enjoying the Great British Bake Off.

    • I wish I could do bakes like the contestants do- I want to try to make a macaroon which look so pretty!

      • Have you noticed they keep calling them macarons, with one ‘o’… now what is that about?
        I loved the shortbread clock tower last night, and the pagoda, although I have my doubts about tea flavoured biscuits!

        Reply- Quite- I love tea and biscuits but maybe not like this was done. The clock tower was gorgeous- reminded me of a gingerbread house!

  2. You are so productive with all the things you make. And time to read as well!

  3. Hi Cathy!

    I love the Pixie hat and I’ve been thinking pink thoughts for you. šŸ™‚ I’m don’t read much, I have too much crocheting to do right now.

    Love and Hugs, Tamara

  4. oh the Mike Pannet book sounds just like something I’d enjoy reading. and you have a copy signed by the author?! you lucky duck! wow…I think I’ll have to order it from the internet…it’s the first book in a long time about which I’m sure I’ll love it šŸ™‚ thanks for sharing it here… oh and the pixie hat – adorable! šŸ™‚

  5. Am also keenly waiting to hear about the safe arrival of the expected little one, hoping it is a girl or there will have to be some speedy crafting and decorating!

  6. Hello NanaCathy!!!, I watch the Food Channel on saturday morning, but I don’t get to read too much since I am on “deadline” with my sofa šŸ™‚ I respect you, I have no idea how you can do all the things you do…

    • And your sofa looks amazing, I could never tackle anything as a big as that! As for doing the things I do- Jill of all trade and master of none- I muddle through! Bit like this blog really- no idea what I am doing really!

  7. Hello Nanacathy, it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to catch up on the blogging world. Wow you’ve been very busy. Love all the photo’s, I’m intrigued by Fence Friday, is this something you’ve started yourself or are you following? I wonder what the thinking behind it is :/ mmmmm. Well sending you all my pink thoughts x

    • Thanks for the pink thoughts. Friday fences I stumbled upon and it it just stimulated my thoughts. I will have one tomorrow, with the link to the blog that hosts them!

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