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Friday fence

23.9.13 013

Well you can just about see the blue fence in front of the massive construction of a new Lidl!

Pickering only has a tiny and very expensive Co op store for grocery shopping, so this will certainly ease the cost of living  when it opens. Just hoping it doesn’t damage the trade of two greengrocers, three butchers, three bakeries and a deli, which is not bad for a modern day high street!

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Yarn Along!

I have finished my latest little pink offering save for choosing some buttons.

25.9.13 001

The yarn is by Sirdar and is called Tiny Tots- sadly this wool is no longer available- happily I have bought in supplies in three colours, I’d buy more if I can find them!

I have started The White Queen. An easy read and very like the BBC series.The only slightly disconcerting thing is that the BBC merged the trilogy, whereas the book is only telling one part of the story. Still, most enjoyable!

Oh and because I couldn’t resist taking a pic of this cardigan with the blanket and giraffe I made- here it is!

25.9.13 002

After all they are all for the same little new somebody.. any day now I hope. God speed darling.

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The Tree Project!

I have been taking a photo of my favourite tree during 2013, the aim is to capture it each month to see the different seasons. Here are the summer months..


26.6.13 008

Taken from further away to show the buttercups- late this year- in all their glory


Nick's wedding 021

The tree to the left has grown this year so that it is visible in a shot from the place where I usually stand..


tree sept 13 007

In all its summer glory!


This week has mostly been about Plums! Yesterday I made Plum Chutney.

20.9.13 001

And there it is- I have run out of my little jars with spotty lids and have had to recycle some shop bought jars.

Here’s the recipe- I sort of mixed up several I found on the internet, and then changed a few ingredients for those I had in the cupboard. It should now be left for a month or so to mature, but I did taste a bit left on the spoon, in the pan.. and it was so nice!

1 1/2 lbs plums halved and stones discarded

2 onions chopped1/4 lb raisins

1/2 lb soft brown sugar

1/4tsp chilli powder

1/4 tsp mustard

5 1/2 fl oz cider vinegar

51/2 fl oz red wine vinegar

pinch of cinnamon

Put everything into the pan, bring to boil and then reduce heat to low and simmer, stirring occasionally, cook for an hour- an hour and a half, until liquid had mostly gone and you have a nice looking chutney! Pot into hot sterilized jars, and keep in a cool dark place.

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Do check the site out. Have you any good plumy ideas?

Friday Fences!

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I was asked this week about my rationale behind Friday Fences. When I stumbled upon the host blog of Friday Fences I just fell in love with the idea. But why?  Well , I am by nature interested  (curious) in people and life. I like riding on the top of double decker buses, that slow crawl trains do through suburbs past allotments, gardens and houses and I like cars that are high enough to see over the top of hedges. I like seeing the other side of a wall. One’s imagination can run wild! So a fence is perfect as you can see through them. Each fence has a purpose and a story to tell. Some are ram-shackled, some beautiful and some just functional. But each has something to say to me. Other folks  just like the aesthetics of a well constructed fence and the photograph they can create.  So do check out the other fences on the link above. And if you have a fence to share, why I was made most welcome by the other fence enthusiasts.

So for this week I share this with you..

Nick's wedding 012

OK so it’s railings on a bridge over the Costa beck, but it does fence off the river from walkers. But  why choose this one..

Nick's wedding 011

Well that’s the start of the fence. Observe the first section. Growing up in the 50s and 60s there were no leisure centres or gyms and schools were poorly equipped, at least here in Ryedale. So these railings became for me and my friend Jane the perfect place for turning somersaults over and trying out balancing acts!! We were very lucky in other ways, as the world was a safer place and we got to play out all day with no adult anxiously watching over us. Some things in life have not got better!

Love to hear any of your child hood memories- do please share and check out the other fences too.


Yarn Along!

Tomatoes were my top priority last week , no time even to share the little bit of knitting and reading I managed to squeeze in between kitchen and work. So here is the sweetest little Pixie hat I ever saw, all ready for the new little someone, which I did complete.

18.9.13 007

And for reading there was a book by a local author.

18.9.13 008

Mike Pannet was a policeman in this area, the places he writes about are accurate! But it has to be said he manages to instill a lot of drama into very little! Which is probably why we like living here in a low crime area. Thefts from farms and motoring offenses form the biggest part of his job , but it does portray life in Ryedale!

My Current knitting is

18.9.13 006

another little pink jacket- are you thinking pink? With three sons and two grandsons it would be so lovely if this grandchild due in September/ early October was female- she has a pink nursery waiting for her and a midwife who is 85% certain she is a she.. I still hear 15% boy and would be totally delighted with another little lad…but…pink thoughts!

Meantime of course late summer has become early autumn and the nights have a certain nip about them, the chimney needs sweeping before we need to light the wood stove. And this conjures up pictures of cups of tea before the fire and a GOOD BOOK to read.Saturday saw me in the library and oh do I think I did well.

18.9.13 011

A Ruth Rendell,which I have just started to be followed by the White Queen by Philippa Gregory- anyone else enjoy that TV programme?

And I borrowed this..

18.9.13 010

Who likes the Great British Bake off? I do. So was thrilled to find this book- bit annoyed when I got home to find not by Mary Baker- she writes a half page forward, but very very clear instructions and pictures- rather too many of children just playing..what’s that about? But clear recipes for some things I never made before.. will let you know how I get on.

And to round off my reading ,through the post came this..

18.9.13 009

Now I know I have lots of knitting projects still in the pipeline but one can’t have enough wool can one? And my favourite mail order firm has got some super new patterns and yarn. I’m wondering would my family think me odd if I requested knitting needles and patterns for my birthday next month?

Joining in with Ginny at Small Things for Yarn Along

Love to know what you are reading at the moment and if you have tried any of these books?



And more and and more tomatoes, just about sums up my week. Mr E has excelled himself this year with loads and loads and loads, and I can’t bear to waste one! So it has been like a tomato soup factory in my kitchen this week- I am running out of containers for any more. We have eaten lots of tomato salads and these lovely Santorini  inspired tomato balls which look more like fritters to me but who cares, when they are delicious and easy to make. Here ‘s the pic with recipe at the end.

tree sept 13 002

Santorini Tomato Balls

2 1/4lb ripe tomatoes seeded and diced- sprinkle with salt and leave to drain for 1-2 hours

2 onions- grated, sprinkle with salt, rinsed and squeezed to remove excess water

1/2 cup chopped fresh mint or parsley

1 teaspoon oregano

6oz ( 1 1/2 cups) self raising flour

oil for frying

Mix together the tomatoes, onions, herbs and flour.

Heat oil in frying pan ( recipe suggest to the depth of one inch but I used less with no problems)

Add tablespoons of the mixture and fry in batches until golden brown on both sides. Remove with slotted spoon and drain on paper towels.

Recipe from Vefa’s Kitchen, published by Phaidon


I served them with salad, new potatoes and grilled crispy bacon. YUM!

And that dear readers is why there has been a blog silence from me all week.

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