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Friday Fences!

It’s been a very busy week with Master H staying here with me- I am exhausted! We have been swimming-twice, played crazy golf, fed ducks-twice- , walked-lots, been to the cinema, played pooh sticks-twice, washed the car, played football, been to the beach and paddled,  visited a sealife centre – today is a walk , a picnic and a trip to the park. I am also nearly word perfect in the film A Knight’s Tale!

Meantime here is the most useless fence ever- I mean just what is it for?

Nick's wedding 002

The wall is at least 7 feet high and there are just three panels! Any ideas?

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Comments on: "Friday Fences!" (12)

  1. Perhaps there are some very tall people behind the wall!

  2. Ran out of time, ran out of money, or needed to crochet rather than finish a fence? 🙂 Have a great weekend. Hugs, Tamara

  3. Maybe they thought the lattice feature iced the brick nicely?

  4. Maybe its to keep the people on the top level from falling over. Hard to tell

  5. Privacy.

  6. You never understand things people do anymore. Just a little added decoration perhaps.

  7. Someone really wants privacy.

  8. […] to the quirky humour of Nanacathy I have discovered Friday’s Fences, this is a site that invites you to post a photo of a […]

  9. No idea what the fence is for but it did give me a giggle… Thanks! 😀

  10. u have me so curious. ( :

  11. I think Tamara hit the nail on the head- just needed to do some crochet- oh and they are very tall!
    Thanks for stopping by everyone- just got back from returning H to his parents! Brilliant week but need to go back to work for a rest!
    More normal blogging will resume during the next week!
    In the meantime – have lots of my fav blogs to catch up on! Only my email system has gone kaput, so need to be a bit creative there!

  12. musback said:

    Kids’ safety perhaps?

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