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Friday Fences!

I have a favourite field with the tree in it that I am taking a picture of each month to map the changing year. The tree is in a valley, with a school field at one side and a field of sheep on the other. Clearly there needs to be a fence. In fact it is a double fence.

Nick's wedding 024

But effective?

Nick's wedding 026

Mama sheep is the wrong side! That’s her lamb on the right  bleating “What the****?

Nick's wedding 025

The grass it seems was greener, or was she a sheep who didn’t want to be fenced in! What do you reckon!

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Comments on: "Friday Fences!" (19)

  1. Cute commentary!
    Lovely rural scenes.
    Thanks for your wonderful comment on my blog. Much appreciated.

  2. She might have been seeking some time without the kids!

  3. If you need a double fence to make it work, then so be it.

  4. Makes me want to venture into the countryside this weekend.

  5. Glad there was green grass for the sheep to enjoy. This one decided it was not going to be fenced in. Even humans would not like that.

  6. Haha that mama sheep better get back to her baby!

  7. Beautiful rural scenes.

  8. Definitely the grass is always greener on the other side…I love seeing sheep on the hills.

  9. I think perhaps sheep just tike to be fee once in a while

  10. I like the idea of watching the seasons turn around a tree, but then I read about the fences 😉

  11. Love to see so much rolling green like this. And the white of sheep grazing there is a bonus.

  12. HAHAHAHA! I love your fence pictures. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Tamara

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