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Keep Calm ,Craft on!

Some weeks this is just so true, and last week was one of them. A time of change and adjustment chez nanas- E has new job , in York rather than across the other side of the country in Manchester- therefore home every night, wanting proper dinner! Both of us getting used to each others working life routines, both wondering what happened to the long evenings! We’ll get there!!

On a different note his Dad needs some support at the moment as he thinks through whether at 92 and failing eye sight he’d like to move into a home, and My Mum not coping with the heat, suffering a a rather scary hallucination, and down in Wales miles and miles from any of us.

Again we will get there, and what can be done by way of support when the distances and other commitments are there.

So keep calm and craft on.. I decided to start a blanket for a Moses basket for the new little someone- hoping still for a girl, i wanted some pink, but not too much in case of a boy, wanting bold colours as I read once that babies see bold colours before pastels, failing to get to grips with every wavy/ ripple pattern I tried and eventually going for a Granny Stripe..

30.7.13 001

And now I worry it’s not baby enough after all- what do you think?

When I worry, I clean and tidy, last week I went through a chest in which old WIPs are stored- the one I unearthed at the very bottom must be 20 plus year, if not 30 years a WIP. I had cut out the Body parts and then stopped- I think it had been intended for my niece- now a Mum herself, but the new little somebody might like her.. so today I picked up the WIP and embroidered some eyes!

30.7.13 002

Looks a bit spooky!

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Comments on: "Keep Calm ,Craft on!" (18)

  1. I love the blanket – how did you start it? Just a simple chain? I don’t believe in all this pastel nonsense for babies and think it looks fabulous.

    • Thanks- yes it was a row of chains, then a row of DCs (UK terminology), then 3trebles- first 3 trebles into 4th DC from the hook, then a chain then a gap of three DCs, then 3 trebles and a chain etc. Still thinking about the edging and wondering if you can still buy baby blanket ribbon. More to follow!

  2. I am of the opinion that babies love whatever they have especially if they are in bold bright high contrast colors. I also think the pastel and blue vs. pink nonsense is silly. I think that your blanket is gorgeous.

  3. Oh and I totally got sidetracked by your gorgeous blanket. I had wanted to offer you prayers and warm thoughts for you ailing family members. I think growing older is hard on everyone especially those who have to watch their loved ones suffer. Hope things improve for you and yours.

  4. I too have ailing parents. My mom was transferred to a nursing home for rehabilitation after some nasty hallucinations landed her in the hospital for a few days. She has a form of Parkinson’s Disease, and one of the medicines caused the hallucinations. Around the same time, my dad was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. He is hoping my mom will be able to return to their assisted living home while he goes through treatments.

    I really like the colors in your blanket. I only did pastels because that was the color of the inexpensive yarn that I bought. I think even a simple edging of dc around would work.

    • Thank you so much for your comment. I hope your Mum is able to come home to support your Dad. In my Mum’s case her short term memory is letting her down, so it is hard to get a straight story from her at the best of times, and yet she is managing to learn how to use a computer!
      Thanks for the suggestion for an edging- it think it is going to need one of some sorts!

  5. It is so hard when our parents show signs of ageing, knowing when to intervene is difficult to judge. I love the moses blanket and think the colours are great. On a different note we are close neighbours, I am in Scarborough!

    • Gosh we are close, how fabulous. I really miss the knitting shop that closed down last year, but love the fabric shop and the vaults market- my favourite places for buttons!
      I am in Pickering, by the way!

  6. I love the moses blanket. Lovely colours for a boy or girl. I do know what you mean about worrying about parents. You just want them to go on being as independent as possible, for as long as possible. My mum lives in a sheltered flat (she is 92 and has failing eyesight, hearing etc.) but it really was a great move for her, as she has a lot more company than she has ever had, and is still independent.

    • I think sheltered accommodation is ideal, and I feel would be best for both my Mum and E’s Dad, but we are far from settled here, with our boys in the South, so very difficult to advise parents. My Dad is in the next village and has had one spell of respite in a local place when we were away, and I think if he ever needs to move then that would be best for him.
      Thank you so much for sharing, and reassuring me on my blanket!

  7. I think the blanket is happy looking and like you said if it is a girl pretty ribbons would be nice if it is a boy some type of rugged edges would be nice looking 🙂

  8. That is a brilliant idea- to wait till I know for sure and making the edging to suit the new little somebody!
    Thank you!

  9. The blanket looks great for a baby to me 🙂

    Good luck with the adjusting to the new routine … I’m sure that in no time you’ll have forgotten the old one!

  10. I love the colours in your blanket, and really wish I could crochet like that! I have only just learned an need a lot of practice!

    • Thank you- I’m sure you’ll be crocheting blankets very soon and I look forward to seeing them- I am learning all the time!

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