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Inspired by Greece!

Santorini has rich and fertile volcanic soil and produces local wines and tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes- which the restaurants make into tomato fritters, and Fava Beans- not Broad beans as in the rest of Greece, but yellow split peas which are made into a meze. I have found recipes for both in my Greek recipe books, and intend to try them and share over the Summer.

My mother in law who was Greek born, showed me how to make fried courgettes or zucchini . We enjoyed courgette dishes in Santorini.

santorini 2013 081

Took this picture after we had demolished half the dish!

santorini 2013 191

And this plate half full after we had gone to heaven and back again- I have now idea how these courgettes, aubergine and pepper was roasted but it was to die for.Mr E says it was down to the variety- but I think there was some culinary wizardry going on here- they were divine.

We had enjoyed these so much that I just had to make some fried courgettes for dinner last weekend. Using my mother in laws recipe-they are so simple..

13.7.2013 014

Cut length ways and dip into flour. Heat olive oil in a frying pan and  cook in batches until all all golden brown and cooked through.

13.7.2013 015

We like ours with sausages, but they can be eaten as a starter.

No meal in Greece is complete without a Greek salad- an invention for tourists but still my favourite part of any meal on holiday..

santorini 2013 135

This version included hard boiled eggs, which was an unusual addition but added to the dish. Key ingredients being, tomatoes, feta cheese, olive oil and oregano.

santorini 2013 205

But this was the best one we had- at lunch time overlooking the sea and the volcano- chips were for Mr E I hasten to add, but that bread was by far the best we had.

More Greek food to come this summer..

Linking in with Townsend House for What I am eating! Do check out the other food posts there.

Do you like Greek food? Love to hear from you..


Comments on: "Inspired by Greece!" (3)

  1. Yum, these look delish. There are a lot of Greek people where I live (Victoria, Australia) and this is a very common dish in most households. The Greeks are magicians with vegetables.

  2. Hi, how great that you can share in your mother-in-law’s recipes and pass them on to the next generation. Linking with Townsend House today. Kim

  3. I think I do!! these dishes look yummy, I love bread so Yes I love Greek food 🙂

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