Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Yarn Along!

This week I completed my first EVER little pink matinee jacket for our new little somebody. I did enjoy making this.

17.7.13 003

From the pattern by Sirdar 1391 and made in Sirdar Crofter yarn. Here are the buttons..

17.7.13 004

because it just wouldn’t be me to have ordinary buttons. And it had a flower on the jacket and on the little hat.

17.7.13 005

AAhh – thinking pink thoughts for the new little somebody- 85% certain she s a girl, but you never know, so the next little something is in cream..

17.7.13 002

Peter Pan booklet 355 and I have to say one of the nicest pattern booklets I have seen for a long time- knitted in merino wool. Wait till we get to the front…

I took my kindle on holiday, loaded up with two new to me John Steinbeck books. I love Steinbeck’s writing so much- he just manages to evoke people and place so well- I am there with the characters.

First I read The Red Pony- 4 separate tales written at different times and put in one volume with the same characters and told through the eyes of a young boy Jody. Steinbeck does not do sentimental and happy endings, so this is no book for youngsters. My favourite was the last tale, in which his maternal Grandfather comes to stay. His father complains at the visit because his Grandad just says the same thing each visit. His raison d’etre was that he led a wagon train safely through to the west coast through Indian territory. When he got to the Ocean his life’s purpose ended and he has talked about nothing else since! Maybe it’s because I am approaching middle age (hmm hmm!) that the story resonated with me. I also love the descriptions of the countryside in California so much- I am right back there- memories of last years Big Adventure.

Then I read the Pearl. The story of a contented family ripped apart with the find by the Father ,Kino of a pearl beyond all magnificence. A story of greed, materialism and loss. I gather it’s read widely in American schools , I am glad I came to it in adult life. A good read!

Now I am home it’s back to Parade’s End! I have discovered the reason why it’s so repetitive – the 4 parts were each written and published two years apart, so each one begins by recapping what went before. The First World War is now over- the hero Teitjens is home again, but not yet met in the story- the recap is being done through the eyes of his nearly mistress Valentine! Perfect bedtime reading- I am ready for sleep in two pages!

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Comments on: "Yarn Along!" (7)

  1. Those buttons are gorgeous – especially the heart ones. I really you get a pink little someone…

  2. Such a cute little outfit. I think Sirdar Crofters was the wool I used for my Spiral Shell, but in sort of muted colours. I found it really nice to knit with. Very soft. I love the way all those shades of pink have turned out. It makes it look a bit like a fair isle knit.

    • It is soft- you are right- just perfect for a new born. It was a lovely pattern too, and the flowers just finish it off. I can imagine that a muted crofter yarn would look good on your shells.

  3. Such a gorgeous little jacket, love, love, love the buttons!

    • Those buttons were a real find, I got them from our “flea market” In Pickering- couldn’t believe the wonderful selection on my own doorstep!

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