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My favourite days ever are when we go exploring- just go and see what we can see. We had such a day in Santorini! We found this Venetian Tower in Akrotiri. And we were glad we stopped by to investigate what was inside. Run by a lovely couple, American born but of Greek decent Aray Kakissis and her husband Yannis Pantazis is a musical instrument workshop and museum dedicated to the traditional Greek instrument- the tsabouna.

They have been given life time permission from the owners to turn this Tower, built for defensive purposes by the Venetians to give early warning of pirates, into a workshop for Yannis to make instruments , for sale and where he gives daily concerts. Aray is in charge of the business side and gives tours of the museum.

santorini 2013 143

A tsabouna is most akin to a bagpipe and is made from goats skins. The pipes which go into the skin sound like panpipes when played by themselves.

santorini 2013 145

I loved this extra little corner.

santorini 2013 146

And the candles on the window sill. As you approach the Tower the music comes gently towards you on the breeze leading you onwards..

santorini 2013 147

Ever more enticing you in

santorini 2013 148

The views from the Tower are simply stunning.

The good news for America is that Yannis will be touring America this Autumn on a fund raising mission. For more details of this lovely little museum go to La Ponta

Love to hear of anywhere you have found by “accident” which enchanted you too.

Comments on: "La Ponta- Venetian Tower" (6)

  1. The first time we went to New England we simply hired a car and set off… many of the places we visited up in New Hampshire and Vermont were the result of chatting to locals and following their suggestions – the Kancamagus pass was a particular highlight, as was eating in The Muddy Moose in North Conway.

  2. All I can think on this over hot day is ‘that tower looks cool’ 🙂

  3. It looks amazing, thanks for sharing those lovely pics 🙂

    • It was an unexpected delight- we had only stopped to enjoy the shade at the bottom of the Tower and then went to explore!

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