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Friday Fences!

I love the concept of looking for fences to photograph- somehow it just appeals to me.What I hadn’t realized was how it was going to enable me to look and think more about my surroundings. As a result some of the best and most interesting pictures I took in Santorini occurred because I was looking for Fences. Here are the first 4.

santorini 2013 002

A fence on a house near our appartment.

santorini 2013 004

Goats in the town where we stayed!

santorini 2013 014

Outside a church in Fira.

santorini 2013 032

A garden in Fira.

What I like is that they are all fences and yet range from the practical to the decorative and from domestic to public!

More to come next week.Linking in with Jan and Jer at Friday Fences


Comments on: "Friday Fences!" (19)

  1. I also like these challenges / memes that encourage us to look at things differently. I shall start looking for fences too.

  2. A great variety of fences! But I think I particularly like the wooden one in the first photo! It seems to combine practicality with art beautifully!

  3. Brilliant! Me I have a thing about gates 🙂

  4. I was like you, never paid fences any mind until I started this blog. Now, I look everywhere I go. Lots of interesting out there.

  5. Looks like a beautiful place! That first fence sure looks sturdy, love what is behind the second one and the others are nice.

  6. great entries…love that last one!

  7. So happy you are inspired by FF….great shots

  8. They are all great shots!

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