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If you have ever been to Greece you can’t have avoided seeing a postcard or picture of Santorini. It has to be the most attractive of all the Greek islands. Formed by a volcano and built on what remains of the island, overlooking the crater, it is simply gorgeous, just no other word. I’d always wanted to go there but having seen Mark- the vibes photos Santorini just had to go on my Bucket List. And oh was it worthy of a place on my Bucket List. My pics don’t do it justice so please look at Mark’s to see Santorini in all it’s glory.

Here are just a few of mine..

santorini 2013 100

santorini 2013 006

santorini 2013 016

santorini 2013 039

santorini 2013 058

santorini 2013 044

santorini 2013 041

I have more.. they will appear over the next few weeks in all sorts of guises! Have you ever been there? Love to know if you have and what you thought. Which of my pics do you like.. I loved taking them and showing them.

Please leave a comment- they are the best bits truly!



Comments on: "Santorini- the volcanic isle" (7)

  1. It looks lovely… clearly one to add to my list!

  2. I’ve been to Santorini and loved it. What I found particularly special was sitting on the edge of the ‘crater’ in Fira – you can really visualise it as a volcano even though there’s only one half left. Oia is fabulous too, although I wouldn’t recommend the donkey rides! Very painful! Your photos are lovely – you’ve really captured the beautiful simplicity of it. I love your weathered door pic.

    • I agree the view of the crater from Fira and Oia was amazing. I’m glad you liked the door- I am a tad obsessed by the doors in Greece, and it turns out from my photos- steps too, more to come. I didn’t attempt a donkey ride, I felt too sorry for the donkeys to inflict my backside on one of them!!

  3. Looks beautiful! The water is so blue.

  4. Thanks for the computer escape to the Greek islands. Just reading “Santorini” and I already have a mental picture. Lovely.

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