Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Yarn Along!

Just back from a most wonderful holiday to Santorini- washing is on the line , teas made so time to catch up with my favourite blogs. Not much knitting done to mention , but lots of reading and an exciting package!

santorini 2013 236

WOOL and a lovely book of patterns for our new little someone of whom we have pink thoughts! OK so it’s cream but the pattern it’s for is so CUTE can’t wait to show it!

Meantime this was one of my holiday reads- 3 books in 6 days! Anyway this is by Jennifer Worth who wrote Call the Midwife and all the stories in Shadows of the Workhouse were included in the TV series. I like these books because they are well written and take one back to a world immediately post war when people living had been brought up in the shadow of the workhouse. Also she gives a balanced view of workhouses as an early attempt at welfare reform- they just got it wrong!

There is the story of Jane who had been so crushed by her childhood in the workhouse that she had no self confidence at all and had been such a bubbly little thing too.  The story of Mr Collett tells of his mothers struggle after his Dad died to keep her family out of the workhouse- she mended clothes for second hand dealers and stitched umbrellas in the winter and parasols in the summer as well as holding down numerous cleaning jobs.

She applied to the parish for poor relief, but was told that as she wasn’t a local they couldn’t help and to go back to where she came from- however she was told that 3 of her 8 children could go to the workhouse to help her out. When she refused she was called ungrateful and improvident and she need not come back for help in the future!

Most moving was an account of a woman who had been put in a mental institute by her husband in 1907 who spread the rumour she was mad so that he could marry again!

Anyway a fascinating read and if you enjoyed the TV series then I recommend this book to you.

Meantime I can’t help myself.. I took this picture of a lady knitting on my travels

santorini 2013 034

And here’s the gorgeous island we went too..

santorini 2013 102

One last shot for today- lots more to come but I need to organise them a bit more

santorini 2013 099

Oh and if you click on the pics they look much nicer big!

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  1. Wow! The startling white against impossible blues is just stunning! Shadows of the Workhouse looks really interesting. I think I am going to have to check it out of the library. Thanks for the recommendation.

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