Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Another challenging selection from Sophie at CGDN

Do click on the pictures to see them properly.

Design– a classic car snapped at the 60’s festival last month

15.6.2013 011


tree June 2013 003


Fountains Abbey 2013- June 013

This is Fountains Abbey and it struck me that once upon a time these monasteries must have seemed rock solid institutions!


tree June 2013 013


tree June 2013 019

Pickering Market- Mondays and this is a jolly good bread stall.


Fountains Abbey 2013- June 033

That pheasant is walking!


Fountains Abbey 2013- June 029


Fountains Abbey 2013- June 010


Fountains Abbey 2013- June 004

Honeysuckle in our garden.


21.6.2013 001


Fountains Abbey 2013- June 001


tree June 2013 015

I am staggered that my little Canon camera managed to capture these midges!


tree June 2013 006

Love the colour contrast on these trees!

Comments on: "June Photo Scavenger Hunt!" (6)

  1. That little frolic with you just made me happy!

  2. “Must have seemed rock solid institutions!” Next to the abandoned crumbling monastery.
    Most striking image all day.

  3. Fountains Abbey is wonderful. In fact, I enjoyed all your photos.

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