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Keep Calm ,Craft on!

Some weeks this is just so true, and last week was one of them. A time of change and adjustment chez nanas- E has new job , in York rather than across the other side of the country in Manchester- therefore home every night, wanting proper dinner! Both of us getting used to each others working life routines, both wondering what happened to the long evenings! We’ll get there!!

On a different note his Dad needs some support at the moment as he thinks through whether at 92 and failing eye sight he’d like to move into a home, and My Mum not coping with the heat, suffering a a rather scary hallucination, and down in Wales miles and miles from any of us.

Again we will get there, and what can be done by way of support when the distances and other commitments are there.

So keep calm and craft on.. I decided to start a blanket for a Moses basket for the new little someone- hoping still for a girl, i wanted some pink, but not too much in case of a boy, wanting bold colours as I read once that babies see bold colours before pastels, failing to get to grips with every wavy/ ripple pattern I tried and eventually going for a Granny Stripe..

30.7.13 001

And now I worry it’s not baby enough after all- what do you think?

When I worry, I clean and tidy, last week I went through a chest in which old WIPs are stored- the one I unearthed at the very bottom must be 20 plus year, if not 30 years a WIP. I had cut out the Body parts and then stopped- I think it had been intended for my niece- now a Mum herself, but the new little somebody might like her.. so today I picked up the WIP and embroidered some eyes!

30.7.13 002

Looks a bit spooky!

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Family weekend!

We have had a surprise visit from Mr J and Master H in honour of E’s birthday. It was just splendid.

Eric birthday and road july13 012

There was time to play.

Eric birthday and road july13 010

To share a meal out


Eric birthday and road july13 008

Eric birthday and road july13 006

To wash the car

Eric birthday and road july13 004

To share a story

Eric birthday and road july13 002

To go for a walk

Eric birthday and road july13 015


Eric birthday and road july13 020

and finding

Eric birthday and road july13 019


Eric birthday and road july13 021

wild strawberries, which H said tasted of cherries and so they did!

Pink Saturday

So much pink in Santorini I couldn’t believe it. Here are some more pink lovelies.

santorini 2013 093

Pink, white and blue, what a fabulous colour combination . What could beat it?

santorini 2013 127

Why, more pink, white and blue, or perhaps..

santorini 2013 097

pink, white, blue and green? What a church!

santorini 2013 125

or maybe pink, white blue, green and a touch of red geranium

santorini 2013 108

or maybe just a hint of pink with white on this dress shop entrance.

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Inspired by Greece!

Santorini has rich and fertile volcanic soil and produces local wines and tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes- which the restaurants make into tomato fritters, and Fava Beans- not Broad beans as in the rest of Greece, but yellow split peas which are made into a meze. I have found recipes for both in my Greek recipe books, and intend to try them and share over the Summer.

My mother in law who was Greek born, showed me how to make fried courgettes or zucchini . We enjoyed courgette dishes in Santorini.

santorini 2013 081

Took this picture after we had demolished half the dish!

santorini 2013 191

And this plate half full after we had gone to heaven and back again- I have now idea how these courgettes, aubergine and pepper was roasted but it was to die for.Mr E says it was down to the variety- but I think there was some culinary wizardry going on here- they were divine.

We had enjoyed these so much that I just had to make some fried courgettes for dinner last weekend. Using my mother in laws recipe-they are so simple..

13.7.2013 014

Cut length ways and dip into flour. Heat olive oil in a frying pan and  cook in batches until all all golden brown and cooked through.

13.7.2013 015

We like ours with sausages, but they can be eaten as a starter.

No meal in Greece is complete without a Greek salad- an invention for tourists but still my favourite part of any meal on holiday..

santorini 2013 135

This version included hard boiled eggs, which was an unusual addition but added to the dish. Key ingredients being, tomatoes, feta cheese, olive oil and oregano.

santorini 2013 205

But this was the best one we had- at lunch time overlooking the sea and the volcano- chips were for Mr E I hasten to add, but that bread was by far the best we had.

More Greek food to come this summer..

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Do you like Greek food? Love to hear from you..

Yarn Along!

This week I completed my first EVER little pink matinee jacket for our new little somebody. I did enjoy making this.

17.7.13 003

From the pattern by Sirdar 1391 and made in Sirdar Crofter yarn. Here are the buttons..

17.7.13 004

because it just wouldn’t be me to have ordinary buttons. And it had a flower on the jacket and on the little hat.

17.7.13 005

AAhh – thinking pink thoughts for the new little somebody- 85% certain she s a girl, but you never know, so the next little something is in cream..

17.7.13 002

Peter Pan booklet 355 and I have to say one of the nicest pattern booklets I have seen for a long time- knitted in merino wool. Wait till we get to the front…

I took my kindle on holiday, loaded up with two new to me John Steinbeck books. I love Steinbeck’s writing so much- he just manages to evoke people and place so well- I am there with the characters.

First I read The Red Pony- 4 separate tales written at different times and put in one volume with the same characters and told through the eyes of a young boy Jody. Steinbeck does not do sentimental and happy endings, so this is no book for youngsters. My favourite was the last tale, in which his maternal Grandfather comes to stay. His father complains at the visit because his Grandad just says the same thing each visit. His raison d’etre was that he led a wagon train safely through to the west coast through Indian territory. When he got to the Ocean his life’s purpose ended and he has talked about nothing else since! Maybe it’s because I am approaching middle age (hmm hmm!) that the story resonated with me. I also love the descriptions of the countryside in California so much- I am right back there- memories of last years Big Adventure.

Then I read the Pearl. The story of a contented family ripped apart with the find by the Father ,Kino of a pearl beyond all magnificence. A story of greed, materialism and loss. I gather it’s read widely in American schools , I am glad I came to it in adult life. A good read!

Now I am home it’s back to Parade’s End! I have discovered the reason why it’s so repetitive – the 4 parts were each written and published two years apart, so each one begins by recapping what went before. The First World War is now over- the hero Teitjens is home again, but not yet met in the story- the recap is being done through the eyes of his nearly mistress Valentine! Perfect bedtime reading- I am ready for sleep in two pages!

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La Ponta- Venetian Tower

My favourite days ever are when we go exploring- just go and see what we can see. We had such a day in Santorini! We found this Venetian Tower in Akrotiri. And we were glad we stopped by to investigate what was inside. Run by a lovely couple, American born but of Greek decent Aray Kakissis and her husband Yannis Pantazis is a musical instrument workshop and museum dedicated to the traditional Greek instrument- the tsabouna.

They have been given life time permission from the owners to turn this Tower, built for defensive purposes by the Venetians to give early warning of pirates, into a workshop for Yannis to make instruments , for sale and where he gives daily concerts. Aray is in charge of the business side and gives tours of the museum.

santorini 2013 143

A tsabouna is most akin to a bagpipe and is made from goats skins. The pipes which go into the skin sound like panpipes when played by themselves.

santorini 2013 145

I loved this extra little corner.

santorini 2013 146

And the candles on the window sill. As you approach the Tower the music comes gently towards you on the breeze leading you onwards..

santorini 2013 147

Ever more enticing you in

santorini 2013 148

The views from the Tower are simply stunning.

The good news for America is that Yannis will be touring America this Autumn on a fund raising mission. For more details of this lovely little museum go to La Ponta

Love to hear of anywhere you have found by “accident” which enchanted you too.

Family Weekend, Handmade Monday!

Well hasn’t the weather in the UK been just wonderful! Lots of sitting out in the sunshine, and even nicer for me is that Mr B and Ms G came to stay- they were going to a wedding of an old school friend of Mr B’s.

Here they are sat outside in the garden- which looks a bit wild around the edges on account of us being away.. had I mentioned that?

13.7.2013 016

And here they are in wedding finery.

13.7.2013 018

Poor Mr B- in all those clothes as he was an usher!

July is rather birthday heavy so I made some cards before we went away- had I mentioned going away before?

13.7.2013 008

These ones are all about recycling and using what is to hand.

13.7.2013 010

This one has a Star Anise in the corner- the ribbon is recycled from some packaging- paper from my paper stash.

13.7.2013 011

This one the same- the piece of string is recycled too. 001

Ribbon recycled packaging and the dried orange is a left over one from some I dried for a Christmas wreath in 2011.

Do you like?

Let me leave you with one more picture of Mr B and Ms G- they make such a nice couple don’t you think?

13.7.2013 019

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too.

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