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Friday Fences!

I came across this  blog  recently and it is such a great concept I just had to join in! Basically you take a picture of ,or through a fence! As a born nosy ( Sorry naturally curious) person I much prefer fences to walls and tall hedges so you can see the other side, this is something I must applaud! Trouble is I live in a countryside of dry stone walls and hedges, so finding fences is going to be a challenge to equal Sophie’s monthly photo scavenger hunt ! Anyway here is my first Friday fence..

tree June 2013 001

This fence has it’s own story of neighbour battles and a local community against a new comer landowner. Are you sitting comfortably..

Once upon a time there was a little museum which wanted to expand. A house with some land nearby was to be sold, but the Mighty Local Council was a little slow and the house and land was Sold. The new landowner did not realise that the local community had used a footpath over his land for Years and Years and thought it was a Public Right of Way. The Landowner did not think that his neighbour should have a right of way over his land to get to his field. The fact that his neighbour could not get to his land any other way dd not bother him one whit! Enter the Lawyers and the Planning Authority and finally Common Sense. There is now a public footpath across the lane where the People always thought it was. However the the neighbour has now fenced in his bit of land from the public hence this Fence at the bottom of this hill. He is still in dispute with the Landowner and can’t get into his field except on foot! Meantime just think how popular the Landowner now is in his new community. The moral being- check before you buy land for footpaths in common use!

The story is sad because the little museum is short of space and has had to turn away a really lovely collection of artifacts which can now be seen here instead

Don’t think I will manage a fence every week and certainly not one with a story, but I shall try jolly hard!  Do check out the other fences!


Comments on: "Friday Fences!" (24)

  1. How sad the new neighbour isn’t very neighbourly!

  2. Cathy!

    I loved the story on the fence even though it is sad the picture of the lush green trees and grass are beautiful against the little wooden fence. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Love and Hugs, Tamara

  3. Welcome to FF….Yep some fences really mean KEEP OUT! Thanks for sharing this interesting story!

  4. Welcome aboard! Don’t worry we use the word fence quite loosely!

  5. Wonderful fence history and sight. So lush and green everywhere. Makes the fence really standout.

  6. How to become unpopular in one easy step, eh? New neighbours really should try to fit in not make enemies! That is a great little view though. 😀

    • Oh yes, especially as his property is in the flood area and he needs help if it floods!

      • Oops, he might find it difficult for the help to get to him, what with that restriction on access he was so happy to inflict on everyone. 😉

  7. Love your story and the picture is very pretty.

  8. But the fence really is charming!

  9. Welcome to the neighborhood, not! Nice photo though.

  10. Even though it was born of conflict, that fence is set in a beautiful, peaceful landscape. I hope the town can resolve the issue to the benefit of all concerned. I can understand both sides; both the loss of access for the town, and ire at the intrusion of strangers parading through one’s new home.

  11. that fence is pretty thought, but wow what a battle 🙂

  12. glad you linked up to FF … so glad to have ya. i’m Beth, by the way.
    enjoy your week. take care. ( :

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