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Down the Garden Path!

So it’s cold and wet. My window is leaking and I turned the heating on for an hour tonight. On the plus side Billy the Roofer is coming tomorrow and I have lots of lovely garden pictures and stories to share.

The tadpoles are all doing great, still looking like tadpoles. One small frog has taken up residence in the greenhouse and is keeping the slugs at bay. The tomato plants are getting bigger.

One of the wild rabbits ran away next door- sure hopes he hasn’t regretted it as they have a Dog and a Cat. Did anyone see the TV programme about the secret lives of cats- I loved it.

Anyway Peter Rabbit has stayed, despite Mr E sending out hate vibes in his direction. He is doing a sterling job on buttercups and grass.

He is getting bigger, and with no other rabbits around I think he thinks he is a sparrow- he is frightened of the blackbirds. And he hasn’t eaten the lettuces which I am now eating! The beans are thriving too- Mr E has built a wire fence all round against rabbits and pigeons!

21.6.2013 002

You may have to click on the photo to see him, but here is round by the pond eating wild garlic.

The front garden looks lovely too I think.

12.6.13 002

And looking the other way you can see the offending window.

12.6.13 005

Fountains Abbey 2013- June 006

That there is the blackbirds nest in the honeysuckle- can you imagine a nicer place to be born than a nest with honeysuckle around you. I like the way paper has been incorporated into the nest- again you may have to click on the picture to see it properly.

Fountains Abbey 2013- June 010

Now last year Junior Fat Pigeon was born in our roof. Billy the roofer has closed that home down for Fat Pigeon. Mr and Mrs Fat Pigeon have gone up the road to our neighbours, and left Junior behind. Junior has been making play nests all Spring long. Here he is on version one. Version two is still under construction in the Lilac tree in the back garden. He thought he had a girlfriend but her boyfriend soon chased him off. Poor Junior Fat pigeon- he is quite good friends with Peter Rabbit.

Fountains Abbey 2013- June 002

Red Poppy! I love them.

So what’s happening in your garden/


Comments on: "Down the Garden Path!" (7)

  1. That’s too cute Cathy! I love the pigeons and poppy. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh that is just lovely; Tales from Cathy’s Garden. It’s like an episode of Jackanory.

  3. creative pixie said:

    Great photos. Our garden is home to many slugs 😦 however we are quite successful at growing strawberries, raspberries & blackberries.

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