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Yarn Along!

18.6.13 001

Well much to my shame I still haven’t finished the matinee jacket for our new little somebody. I am sewing in loose ends and then it will be time for the buttons! I have never come across such an unnecessarily complicated fussy pattern in my life- with stocking stitch bands around the garter stitch yoke and then, would you believe it, you cast off the collar and then have to pick up stitches from the sides and the cast off edge, just to knit two rows! This pattern will be in the next charity bag to come my way!

I am still reading Parade’s End. The hero is in the trenches with responsibility for sending troops to the front line, and it is chaos- no-one has the right papers or blankets and wills have to be written. Then his wife turns up! Which gives him chance to go over the plot from Part one all over again- the synopsis is a mere two pages long! I am beginning to loose patience with this book!

BUT I am also reading some books about the Greek islands- holiday preparations! Yippee!

Linking in with Ginny at Small things for Yarn Along


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  1. I have met these patterns where you cast off and then pick up the stitches again. I refuse to cast off, if it is the same number of stitches, and just leave them on a stitch holder. I hate picking up stitches! Looks a lovely matinee jacket though.

    • I was so tempted to do that I can tell you! The ends are now all sewn in and on Saturday I shall be button buying- probably plain white! I have now started a Pink little jacket- seems odd to have pink on the needles, but very exciting!

  2. The book sounds tedious! I need to borrow the DVD as I think it was a good adaption and I like Benedict ‘Sherlock’ Cumberbach. (sp)

  3. Quite Rachel. Yes you can join – just go to the link with Ginny on Small Things- it’s every Wednesday!

  4. The little jacket looks so cute. I do not knit, crochet or sew so i would never attempt this.
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

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