Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Fountains Abbey.

The sun was shining so it was time for a Day Out. And so off to Fountains Abbey. Near Ripon, North Yorkshire.

When you look at my pictures you’ll think that looks familiar- Fountains Abbey after all is a World Heritage site.

Fountains Abbey 2013- June 027

You can even get married here

Fountains Abbey 2013- June 021

Love this..

Fountains Abbey 2013- June 025

After exploring the Abbey and the Mill you stroll off into the grounds of Studley Royal

Fountains Abbey 2013- June 031

And see the Georgian Water Garden, currently under restoration with a new yew hedge.

Fountains Abbey 2013- June 034

The undergrowth is gradually being cleared away.

Leaving behind the water garden and going up the hill of the Deer Park you glimpse this Victorian gem.

Fountains Abbey 2013- June 037

St Mary’s church.

Fountains Abbey 2013- June 039

On a Saturday afternoon there is an organ recital, we caught the last twenty minutes and it was just glorious.

Fountains Abbey 2013- June 042

I love this roof!

Fountains Abbey 2013- June 044

Just about got this shot through the grill which surrounds this memorial.

A Fabulous day out. Can also recommend the coffee cake!!!!


Comments on: "Fountains Abbey." (10)

  1. Another reason to visit Yorkshire. The list just keep growing!

  2. One of the places I would like to visit one day but it is so far to go from Southampton!

  3. Beatiful place, beautiful pictures!

  4. That ceiling is gorgeous but so are the shots of the green, green countryside (it’s so yellow here in California this time of year). The water garden photo is so pretty with the building in the distance and the also the one of the interior vaulted archways (or whatever they’re called). Thanks for providing this little green getaway. I bet the organ music was lovely.

  5. Picture perfect!!! 🙂

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