Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

I promised two more local churches. Here’s the next one. If you walk a couple of miles west from Pickering you come to the village of Middleton. The “ton” part of Middleton indicates a Saxon village or town. And indeed the church here of St Andrew’s is of Saxon origin.

7.5.13 002

However what is inside is far more interesting. For inside in the North Aisle are some world famous Viking crosses which show a mixture of Christian and pagan symbols. They have even appeared in the TV programme Time Team.

Have a look

7.5.13 003

On one side is a hunter with a spear and on the other a snake or dragon like carving. This stone was found built into the side of the Tower in 1911.

7.5.13 005

This one shows a warrior with a helmet, and various weapons.

7.5.13 008

This one is just a fragment and shows another warrior.

7.5.13 007

Hard to make out what is on this one but it appears to be pagan animal heads.

The church is lovely quiet building and well worth  seeing should you be passing.

PS The post office in the village does a jolly good afternoon tea!!

Better pictures can be found on this site



Comments on: "The Viking Connection, another Ryedale church" (5)

  1. Very interesting I just love these places, thanks for sharing, 🙂

  2. Great pics … I almost feel I can reach out and touch them. I wonder what they’ve seen unfold on their patch down the many, many years since they were cut?

    • We are so lucky in the UK to have such a sense of our history, where we came from and the people that made us who we are. So important now we all move around so much. Thanks for commenting and for thinking my pics great.

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