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Pink Saturday!

I’m thinking PINK as you may know in the hope that 85% Girl for the new little somebody really means 100% Girl in the Autumn.  So what better blog to join in with than How Sweet the Sound- Pink Saturday.  I just love the concept of Saturday being a day for celebrating Pink.

So here are my pink contributions.

22.6.13 001

a delicious smelling pink rose and

22.6.13 006

a pink geranium after the rain.

Enjoy and think pink for a Nana who would love a baby girl in her life.X


Friday Fences!

I came across this  blog  recently and it is such a great concept I just had to join in! Basically you take a picture of ,or through a fence! As a born nosy ( Sorry naturally curious) person I much prefer fences to walls and tall hedges so you can see the other side, this is something I must applaud! Trouble is I live in a countryside of dry stone walls and hedges, so finding fences is going to be a challenge to equal Sophie’s monthly photo scavenger hunt ! Anyway here is my first Friday fence..

tree June 2013 001

This fence has it’s own story of neighbour battles and a local community against a new comer landowner. Are you sitting comfortably..

Once upon a time there was a little museum which wanted to expand. A house with some land nearby was to be sold, but the Mighty Local Council was a little slow and the house and land was Sold. The new landowner did not realise that the local community had used a footpath over his land for Years and Years and thought it was a Public Right of Way. The Landowner did not think that his neighbour should have a right of way over his land to get to his field. The fact that his neighbour could not get to his land any other way dd not bother him one whit! Enter the Lawyers and the Planning Authority and finally Common Sense. There is now a public footpath across the lane where the People always thought it was. However the the neighbour has now fenced in his bit of land from the public hence this Fence at the bottom of this hill. He is still in dispute with the Landowner and can’t get into his field except on foot! Meantime just think how popular the Landowner now is in his new community. The moral being- check before you buy land for footpaths in common use!

The story is sad because the little museum is short of space and has had to turn away a really lovely collection of artifacts which can now be seen here instead

Don’t think I will manage a fence every week and certainly not one with a story, but I shall try jolly hard!  Do check out the other fences!

Yarn Along!

I finished the little white matinee jacket at the weekend with three smiley face buttons. I did not like this fiddly pattern and so it has now gone to a charity shop where I hope it is found by someone who likes it.26.6.13 011

As for the book I am reading Parade’s End- well I am half way through now. Teitjans the hero (Benedict Cumberbatch in the TV series) is about to be sent to the front line looking after horses, his wife inexplicably is also in France- she has reminisced about her infidelities and now fancies the pants off her husband who couldn’t care a fig for her as long as she looks after their son and is not a disgrace! So nothing has happened really since last week. But it is very good for bedtime reading.

So what’s new..

26.6.13 012

I have three lovely sons and two gorgeous grandsons and Miss J who was three when I became her step grandmother, but I have not known the joy of a baby granddaughter. Now there is apparently an 85% chance that the new little somebody is a Girl. All think PINK now. If my son and daughter in law can talk about their new daughter then I am chancing a few Pink knits. This is Sirdar Crofter and I have done the back and two fronts!

As for the book. Well I treated myself to a Kindle this year, which now contains some holiday reading, but somehow I can’t get out of the habit of looking at books in charity shops, and indeed some books are cheaper second hand  than those for a Kindle. And some I guess will never be available on a Kindle. Like the one in the picture. It is called “The Way We Were”, By R.W.Scales. Published in 1987, Mr Scales has trawled the pages of a local paper called the Malton Messenger. The newspaper is no more. The period covered in the book is 1854-1939. Infinitely more amusing and so interesting of times gone by than Parade’s End. Real Yarns!

I have three extracts for you..

1856 Pheasant Shooting

About daybreak one morning last week a certain sporting gentleman in Pickering was aroused out of his slumbers by a neighbour to come and shoot a pheasant which was perched on the top of the Independent Chapel in Hungate. After dressing, the double barrelled gun was procured and loaded and on arriving at the place where the game was, it was pronounced by the sportsman to be a cock bird. True aim being taken, bang,bang went the gun, down fell the game into the yard and on being picked up proved to be the old hen belonging to Mr S Simpson of the George Inn.

Mr Simpson’s reaction is not given.. but fancy giving space to this simple tale. The George Inn is no more but the Chapel is..

26.6.13 005

Fifty years or so later  my Grandparents were married here.

1856 New school

The Wesleyans of Pickering have purchased a piece of ground near the end of Westgate on which they intend to build a National School , it is reported that the entire cost of the ground and building is expected to amount to £600.

26.6.13 003

Here’s the school, still standing. I went there from the age of 6 to 10! It’s now a working men’s club. Somehow I don’t think the Wesleyans would have approved of the change of use.

1855  Wife Sale

The antiquated and disgraceful farce of selling a wife has taken place in Thirsk within the last few days, a blooming young woman, the wife of Mr W Marshall of Wombleton near Kirkbymoorside was led in a halter to the cross and there sold for2/6d. Mr Marshall was 54 years old when he married and Mrs Marshall only 19, they had lived happily together for 16 years and then agreed between them that the knot of wedlock should be severed and an agreement drawn up, after which she was sold to Mr John Webster of Oswaldkirk.

It still seems incredible to me that wife selling really happened.

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And looking forward to seeing what others have been making and reading. Do leave a comment they are the best bits.

PS Think PINK!

Crocheted Along- the final four!

It’s a sad day in some ways to have come to the end of the Crochet Along . Organised by The Little Room of Rachell we have crocheted our way through all the blocks in the book by Jan Eaton, 200 crochet blocks. It has been such a journey. The only crocheting I had done until I started were large granny square blankets- ie just going round and round! So I had to re learn old skills and learn some new ones too. The first block took me EIGHT hours, the last just over an hour. The first ones were on a 4.5 hook and the later ones on a 3.5 as I got my tension sorted out. I have so enjoyed it all- the crocheting and the companionship of joint enterprise.

Anyway without further ado, here are my last 4 blocks.

197 Fretwork

21.6.2013 006

201 Zigzag Bobbles

21.6.2013 004

205 Hourglass

21.6.2013 005

209 Marigold

21.6.2013 007

Notice all the pink and yellow- those are the colours I had at the end!

So now the next challenge is to block them all and join them all up, YIKES! What an adventure!

Down the Garden Path!

So it’s cold and wet. My window is leaking and I turned the heating on for an hour tonight. On the plus side Billy the Roofer is coming tomorrow and I have lots of lovely garden pictures and stories to share.

The tadpoles are all doing great, still looking like tadpoles. One small frog has taken up residence in the greenhouse and is keeping the slugs at bay. The tomato plants are getting bigger.

One of the wild rabbits ran away next door- sure hopes he hasn’t regretted it as they have a Dog and a Cat. Did anyone see the TV programme about the secret lives of cats- I loved it.

Anyway Peter Rabbit has stayed, despite Mr E sending out hate vibes in his direction. He is doing a sterling job on buttercups and grass.

He is getting bigger, and with no other rabbits around I think he thinks he is a sparrow- he is frightened of the blackbirds. And he hasn’t eaten the lettuces which I am now eating! The beans are thriving too- Mr E has built a wire fence all round against rabbits and pigeons!

21.6.2013 002

You may have to click on the photo to see him, but here is round by the pond eating wild garlic.

The front garden looks lovely too I think.

12.6.13 002

And looking the other way you can see the offending window.

12.6.13 005

Fountains Abbey 2013- June 006

That there is the blackbirds nest in the honeysuckle- can you imagine a nicer place to be born than a nest with honeysuckle around you. I like the way paper has been incorporated into the nest- again you may have to click on the picture to see it properly.

Fountains Abbey 2013- June 010

Now last year Junior Fat Pigeon was born in our roof. Billy the roofer has closed that home down for Fat Pigeon. Mr and Mrs Fat Pigeon have gone up the road to our neighbours, and left Junior behind. Junior has been making play nests all Spring long. Here he is on version one. Version two is still under construction in the Lilac tree in the back garden. He thought he had a girlfriend but her boyfriend soon chased him off. Poor Junior Fat pigeon- he is quite good friends with Peter Rabbit.

Fountains Abbey 2013- June 002

Red Poppy! I love them.

So what’s happening in your garden/

Strawberry Pavlova

I wrote a bucket list this year. Today I can cross off Make a Pavlova. Remarkably simple and oh so yummy!

22.6.13 009

Recipe from my stalwart cookery book Good Housekeeping


3 egg whites ( mine are free range and large)

6 oz caster sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

1/2tsp white wine vinegar- ( I didn’t have any so missed this out- No-one said but what about the vinegar when they scoffed it down)

1 level tsp cornflour

10fl oz double cream

12 oz raspberries- but I used a big punnet of strawberries (English Herefordshire ones to be precise)

NB can use any fruit really


Draw a 7 inch circle on some non stick baking parchment paper, turn it over and place on a baking tray.

Whisk the egg whites until stiff- ie a peak stays in place on an upside down whisk.

Whisk in half the caster sugar- until stiff

Fold in with a large metal spoon the rest of the caster sugar, vanilla and vinegar. Pile onto the paper within the circle

Bake in the bottom shelf of an oven at 150C , 300F or Gas mark 2, until crisp and dry

Transfer with great care to a wire rack until completely cool. Then with even more care upend and remove the paper.

I put mine onto the serving plate to remove and used the bottom for the top!

Whisk the double cream till stiff and pile onto the meringue base. Decorate with strawberries- eat any left over ones and deny the fact to family!

All tuck in!

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Let me know if you make a pavlova!

Yarn Along!

18.6.13 001

Well much to my shame I still haven’t finished the matinee jacket for our new little somebody. I am sewing in loose ends and then it will be time for the buttons! I have never come across such an unnecessarily complicated fussy pattern in my life- with stocking stitch bands around the garter stitch yoke and then, would you believe it, you cast off the collar and then have to pick up stitches from the sides and the cast off edge, just to knit two rows! This pattern will be in the next charity bag to come my way!

I am still reading Parade’s End. The hero is in the trenches with responsibility for sending troops to the front line, and it is chaos- no-one has the right papers or blankets and wills have to be written. Then his wife turns up! Which gives him chance to go over the plot from Part one all over again- the synopsis is a mere two pages long! I am beginning to loose patience with this book!

BUT I am also reading some books about the Greek islands- holiday preparations! Yippee!

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