Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

This morning first thing, still blurry eyed and in need of the first cup of tea for the day, I looked through the back door  and saw what I thought was an old grey ball. A rub of the eyes later and I saw it was a baby rabbit. Quick quick Camera!

rabbit 16.5.13 001

He then proceeded to come towards the door to a pile of grass deposited by the lawnmower last night.

rabbit 16.5.13 005

Which he ate!

rabbit 16.5.13 004

Then he came even closer to where the hose was lying by the garden tap, and he drank a couple of drips. I couldn’t take a picture as he was right up against the wall. Replete, he took off round the corner and disappeared under a lilac tree. He has made my day! Thanks little rabbit.

Hope something special has made your day too! Love to know if it has.


Comments on: "The sweetest little rabbit ever!" (4)

  1. Such a blogger thing to do! I’ve also seen something and grabbed my camera quick.

    Sweet little bunny.

  2. It is the sweetest little rabbit ever!

    • Well I think he is, Now named Peter of course with Mr E taking the role of Mr McGregor as we have sighted Peter twice in the middle of the back garden lawn!

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