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A Night at the Theatre

Last night we visited the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough to see the production of Rutherford and Son.

The play was performed by the Northern Broadside company and directed by the Jonathan Miller. The northern Broadside Company is based in Halifax and is renowned for its productions of high quality plays including Shakespeare. (NB- Lenny Henry as Othello was a production from this company). We find the productions bring a unique dimension to plays- words such as grit, realism and unflinching usually abound. Shakespeare plays come to life in a way that makes them comprehensible to  someone who has never seen a Shakespeare play before. I can’t recommend this company more highly.

Last night’s production did not disappoint. The play could have been written for this company, with the lead being taken by Barrie Rutter the companies artistic director. The cast gave a strong performance of the play which concerns family life in Industrial Britain in the early part of the last century.The family is a powder keg of emotions as the father of the family who worked to create his company,  finds that his family have aspirations and hopes which do not include the company at all.

The play is on tour now and will be at the St James theatre in London in June.  Do attend a production from  the Northern Broadside Company if you ever get the chance you are in for a treat.



Comments on: "A Night at the Theatre" (4)

  1. creative pixie said:

    Oops wrong comment on your blog (I blame my smartphone). What I meant to say was it sounds like you had a great evening. I love an evening at the theatre though it doesn’t happen very often…. Infact I can’t remember what I last saw 😦

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