Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Exploring with H!

Two weeks ago North Yorkshire was basking in sunshine unlike the most of the UK. Last week we took a caravan in Essex so we could be near our son Mr J and look after Master H over the school holidays. What a shock we had with wind , rain, mud and the freezing cold. But we did have three half days  of sunshine and on one of them we took Master H exploring to Burnham on Crouch. “What’s here?” asks H. “Well” I explain” the whole point of exploring is you don’t know what you will find”.

Burnham on Crouch – I love you!

The pictures tell the story as always with me…

Essex April13 020

In the caravan- colouring with Grandad waiting for Nana to go out. Note Grandads’ scarf!

Essex April13 032

Burnham- you can sense Master H’s reasons for misgiving , but then…

Essex April13 031

A Golden Pig on a Concrete boat!

Essex April13 034

Warming up in a cafe.. He’s still not convinced, you can tell. But more is to come H.

Essex April13 036

An Elf on a roof!


Essex April13 037

Finally a playground! Happy at last, although he was rather full of the golden pig and the elf when he told Daddy!


Comments on: "Exploring with H!" (4)

  1. creative pixie said:

    A fun day out.

  2. A golden pig on a concrete boat? They are not really two things I ever thought would be in the same sentence…. 😀

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