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Sunday Lunch!

Now the only thing to beat Sunday Lunch is a Family Sunday Lunch. My Brother Mr P flew in from Cyprus this weekend, collected up his two daughters and husbands and two granddaughters and headed up North to be with my Dad who was 90 on Monday. And we all met up for Sunday lunch at The Feathers Hotel, Helmsley.

First the family

Philips visit 013

My niece Mrs N with my great niece Miss C- love the way all Mums learn to eat one handed with child on a knee!

Philips visit 008

Miss C with her Dad Mr M- as all children, proficient with modern technology!

Philips visit 014

My Brother Mr P with my other niece Mrs H and her niece Miss M

Philips visit 015

Mrs H on Auntie duty

Philips visit 007

My Dad and another Cake!- can’t have too many chocolate cakes.

Philips visit 003

And here’s the lunch, as yummy as it looks.


A Night at the Theatre

Last night we visited the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough to see the production of Rutherford and Son.

The play was performed by the Northern Broadside company and directed by the Jonathan Miller. The northern Broadside Company is based in Halifax and is renowned for its productions of high quality plays including Shakespeare. (NB- Lenny Henry as Othello was a production from this company). We find the productions bring a unique dimension to plays- words such as grit, realism and unflinching usually abound. Shakespeare plays come to life in a way that makes them comprehensible to  someone who has never seen a Shakespeare play before. I can’t recommend this company more highly.

Last night’s production did not disappoint. The play could have been written for this company, with the lead being taken by Barrie Rutter the companies artistic director. The cast gave a strong performance of the play which concerns family life in Industrial Britain in the early part of the last century.The family is a powder keg of emotions as the father of the family who worked to create his company,  finds that his family have aspirations and hopes which do not include the company at all.

The play is on tour now and will be at the St James theatre in London in June.  Do attend a production from  the Northern Broadside Company if you ever get the chance you are in for a treat.


My Dad is 90!

It was busy! It was exhausting! But it was great! The sun shone and we had a fabulous party to celebrate my Dad’s 90 birthday! Here goes with the weekend of fun.

Dad 90 birthday 009

Lots of cooking and food

Dad 90 birthday 019

Mr B and Ms G striking a pose

Dad 90 birthday 010

The birthday man with friends to help him celebrate

Dad 90 birthday 011

Mr and Mrs T enjoying a break from washing up duties

Dad 90 birthday 007


Dad 90 birthday 031

Miss J

Dad 90 birthday 028

Master H enjoying the leftovers!

Dad 90 birthday 034

Master T really enjoying the leftovers!

Exploring with H!

Two weeks ago North Yorkshire was basking in sunshine unlike the most of the UK. Last week we took a caravan in Essex so we could be near our son Mr J and look after Master H over the school holidays. What a shock we had with wind , rain, mud and the freezing cold. But we did have three half days  of sunshine and on one of them we took Master H exploring to Burnham on Crouch. “What’s here?” asks H. “Well” I explain” the whole point of exploring is you don’t know what you will find”.

Burnham on Crouch – I love you!

The pictures tell the story as always with me…

Essex April13 020

In the caravan- colouring with Grandad waiting for Nana to go out. Note Grandads’ scarf!

Essex April13 032

Burnham- you can sense Master H’s reasons for misgiving , but then…

Essex April13 031

A Golden Pig on a Concrete boat!

Essex April13 034

Warming up in a cafe.. He’s still not convinced, you can tell. But more is to come H.

Essex April13 036

An Elf on a roof!


Essex April13 037

Finally a playground! Happy at last, although he was rather full of the golden pig and the elf when he told Daddy!

Black Treacle Flapjacks

A delicious recipe which is so easy..

8oz rolled oats

3 oz soft brown sugar

Mix in a bowl

Melt 5oz butter and a dessert spoonful of Black Treacle. Pour into the bowl and mix well. Put in 8 inch tin ( greased or non stick). Press down. Bake at 180C for about 20-25 minutes until the sides are beginning to colour. Mark into slices and leave to cool in the tin. Eat and enjoy!

flapjacks april13 001


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