Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Taken from 200 crochet blocks by Jan Eaton and organized by the Little Room of Rachel see her blog here, we have been crocheting all these blocks together. The colour theme is Cottage Garden. Here are this weeks blocks.

86 Sunray

Books 007

In the book this is all pink. As it’s called Sunray I decided to do yellow instead. I used a 3.5 hook and it turned out exactly 6″ square.

Next is 87 Peony

Books 006

I love Peonys so big and well full on, if you know what I mean. I used a 4.5 hook and had to omit the last 3 rounds as I had already reached the 6″ square. Don’t think it looses much by not having the extra pink rows on the end. In fact I like the way the flower dominates the square, just like  peony commands space in the garden.

And finally 88 Edwardian Fancy

Books 005

Done on a 3.5 hook and measuring exactly 6″ square. And if someone can tell me what is remotely Edwardian about this I would love to know.

Snow is predicted for this weekend so lots of crochet time. Yippee! But I would like to have some gardening time too….please

How’s everyone else doing. And if you fancy joining in people are joining the group all the time- hop over to Rachel’s little room.


Comments on: "Crochet Along. Blocks 86-88" (4)

  1. Gosh! if your first block was 6″ square with a 3.5mm hook, I must be crochetting tightly these days!!! The peony looks good dominating the square. Must bite the bullet and get back to making some more blocks I suppose.

    • My trebles are always on the loose side- I have learned to just keep measuring as I go now- doesn’t always work tho as you’ll see!

  2. […] 13, 14, & 15; having read the blog from nanacathy and her words of wisdom about jotting down notes while making up the blocks, I sat poised with pen, […]

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