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I have worked for many years with the elderly and other vulnerable people, I have supported them to use the Telephone Preference Service to stop cold callers but it doesn’t always work.

If I get a cold caller I get cross. Others may get really upset and confused, and it doesn’t matter how often you say stop it the calls keeping coming.

The time has come to fight back by reporting these calls to the Telephone Preference Service. At last something is being done about it.

This BBC report is the first case when a firm has been fined. And here is where you can find out how

Today I reported my first cold caller- Bring it on!


Comments on: "Say No to Cold Telephone Callers." (4)

  1. I have noticed lately that if I tell people I am with the phone preference service, they say ‘Oh but we’re not selling anything. This is just a survey.’ or something similar. Is this a loophole?

    • I bet if you let them talk enough you’ll find out they are selling something after all! I’d report them anyway, it’s still an unsolicited nuisance call.

  2. I heard somewhere you should just start singing down the phone.

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