Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

I’ve been Elfed!

After the long drive home from Bournemouth, 6 hours of motorway and snow, I was tired and sad without my family. I made a mug of my favourite Earl Grey and sat down to recover and to see what the Postman had brought me. And there waiting for me was my very own Elf from the lovely Ziggy Shortcrust.

Here is my Viking Elf.

miscelMarch2013 010

Isn’t he handsome? At the start of January Ziggy decided to write a letter a day with an Elf to revive the art of letter writing. If you would like your own Elf from Ziggy then go here.

He so cheered me up I can tell you. In the meantime the snow continues to fall so I have put my Mother’s Day Daffodils from Mr J in the window and here they are for you too.

miscelMarch2013 008

Two inches of the white stuff overnight and still falling! Doh!


Comments on: "I’ve been Elfed!" (5)

  1. I’m so glad he arrived safely. And he’s dressed warmly for the North Yorkshire weather.

  2. What a lovely idea, sending people Elves, he is very lovely. Hope you had a good mothering Sunday xx

  3. […] I liked them so much they have turned up on Cathy’s letter, which headed off to my home county of North Yorkshire. You can find out more about the very crafty Cathy at Nana Cathy and see what was inside her letter here. […]

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