Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

A Family Fest!

Two and half years ago my Father in Law Grandad N, hired a house so he could have all his family around him to celebrate his 90th year.

Fast forward to 2012 and a drunken night between Mr J and his cousin Mr T2. “Wouldn’t it be great to do it again.”

And so last weekend , thanks to the organizational skills of my sister in law the Marvelous Dr M, we were together again for Family Fest 2 in Bournemouth-here Middle Chine Manor.

And there was Family time

Bournemouth March 2013 029

And time for a walk- Mr T and Master T

Bournemouth March 2013 015

And playtime-Master T

Bournemouth March 2013 031

And time to watch the Balloon Lady at Harry Ramsden’s

Bournemouth March 2013 034

And to play with the Sword she made before it went POP!

Bournemouth March 2013 041

And to crayon- Master H

Bournemouth March 2013 035

And to enjoy the fish and chips

Bournemouth March 2013 046

And a sausage

Bournemouth March 2013 044

And go to the Beach Hut- Grandpa E,Mr T and Mrs T

Bournemouth March 2013 019

And prepare food- Mr J

Bournemouth March 2013 012

And relax Mr B and Ms G with Miss J and children

Bournemouth March 2013 013

And to have a story with Mrs T

Bournemouth March 2013 010

And then they were all gone, back through the snow….

Bournemouth March 2013 070

A wonderful weekend! May we have many more!




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