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Homemade cards for March!

I am trying to make homemade cards this year for my family using supplies I already have. Mothers day is the 10 March and I am seeing my Mum before then so I have already made her this card. I am using a technique I learned many years ago and had virtually forgotten. It is called tea bag or iris folding.

End feb13 014

I used an old magazine from Craft Creations to help me with this as I couldn’t make head nor tail of my own written instructions. The moral of this tale being use your craft stash whilst you know what you are doing! I hope she likes it.

And also in March Master H will be 5. He likes football,wrestling, teddies and clothes! So here is his card.

End feb13 013

I am pretty pleased with this one. The backing paper is mulberry paper, then wrapping paper and then a homemade scarf- 6 stitches wide in K1,P1 rib to the desired length.

So now it is into those Easter cards!


Comments on: "Homemade cards for March!" (10)

  1. Very creative cards! I especially like the knitted scarf.

  2. cross(stitch)yourheart said:

    I love the 3D effect of your cards, how creative!

  3. I love your football card – I may have to steal this idea for one of my nephews!

  4. I love that you made a tiny scarf!

  5. Great work, I make a little knitted card for new babies sometimes – I use embroidery thread on cocktail sticks! I’ve tried iris folding when I did a card making course, lots of swearing was involved – I found it so fiddly!

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