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A new outfit for Master T!

Sometimes I think I have bitten off more than I can manage. The dungarees/rompers I am making for Master T have really stretched me to the limit! It is many years since I made any garment- possibly 14 years ago when I made some trousers for me at an evening class, so sewing skills were limited.Then there was scary new sewing machine which last week got super scary when I investigated how to do a button hole. Oh my, have things changed in the last 14 years! Mr E and I spent a happy half hour this weekend sorting out how to attach scary buttonhole thingamajig to the sewing machine! You put the button into said attachment and it does it all by itself!

theo trousers feb 13 001

That’s the buttonhole watsit!

Then I scoured the internet for a how to. Didn’t find one for my machine but did find a you tube video for a similar machine. Thank goodness I watched it. The machine does buttonholes backwards!

I had a practice run.

theo trousers feb 13 002

I had a good nights sleep!

Took a deep breathe this morning

theo trousers feb 13 003

Then came the worst bit of all- taking the seam ripper to open up the button hole, first placing pins to stop you ripping open the stitching!

theo trousers feb 13 005

And now folks A GREAT BIG DRUM ROLL! I have something that now looks a lot like a pair of dungarees! Here shown with a top from Next.

theo trousers feb 13 007

And now shown with tank top knitted by me to make up a brand new outfit

theo trousers feb 13 008

And finally with another top from Next

theo trousers feb 13 009

And now I am going for a lie down! I just hope it Fits!

PS Pattern in McColl’s M6304



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