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Star count

So I counted birds in January and now in February it is time for me  to count stars. And why should I want to count stars? I am lucky enough to live in a place with not too much light pollution, I can see some stars at night and enjoy their beauty. If however I lived in a town or city then this would be harder due to street lighting or the lights left on in buildings- known as light pollution.

But something can be done about it. The Campaign to Protect Rural England asks that on Friday 15-Saturday 16 February we count the number of stars we can see in the constellation Orion, then enter the results on their webpage.This will help them highlight where there is a problem but also enable them to create a map of where we can see the stars at night.

If you would like to participate, then I have put a link above for you to go to for more information.

Happy Counting! Let me know if you and your family join in and how you get on.

PS you can win a fabulous telescope too!




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