Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

This is the weekend for the UK’s Big Garden Bird Watch. All you have to do is spend an hour recording how many of each species of bird visits your garden (or park) at any one time, then tell  the RSPB how you did.  Simples!

Pull back the curtain on Saturday morning all set for my hours counting and what do I see- well everyone in the UK knows what I saw.. this..

more snow jan 13 001

MORE SNOW! Heigh ho!

This was not a good sight to behold on account of our boiler having gone kaput on Friday! Three cheers for the Mister who had got a fire going first thing so we had one warm room. And some more cheers for the man from Worcester Bosch who came and fixed said boiler on Saturday afternoon.

Not to be deterred by snow and no boiler I fed the birds and sat down to count.

And here’s what I saw


Blackbirds -4



Blue tits-2




Great tit -1





The tally is sad because we had 10 blackbirds ,2 Robins and 6 Blue Tits at Christmas so I am wondering if some have succumbed to the winter weather, perhaps? Or maybe they just found another bird table!

Good news- not only is boiler fixed but the snow has melted a lot today. And the grey squirrel came out of hibernation yesterday too.

Love to know if anyone else spent time this weekend feeding or counting birds!

Here’s a couple more snow pictures from our garden..

more snow jan 13 004

more snow jan 13 008

Comments on: "Snow for the Big Garden Bird Watch!" (2)

  1. I’d like to do the BW one year but this year all I’m staring at is my lap top ATM!

    You had deeper snow than we did down here, glad it’s gone now for both of us.

  2. I will remind you again next year then. Glad the snow has gone!

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