Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Happy New Year to one and all. May 2013 be a time when dreams really do come true.

This year for the first time ever I have made no New Years Resolutions. Why not? Because I never achieve them. I had a good think about this and decided that the problem was that my resolutions were essentially negative in tone- give up this, don’t do that…boring and so eerrrr!

I came across some Bucket lists this year in blogosphere. Some made me laugh- 30 things before I am thirty- and included items like fly a kite, read Jane Eyre, and I thought why don’t they just do these things. Some lists made me sad- 15 things to do before a child is 11 and included climb a tree, play pooh sticks, make a snow angel, pond dipping- all things I thought were just part of growing up.

Then I had a think about what would be on my bucket list- and one good thing about getting old is you get more things to do in ten years , the older you get.. so I have a HUGE Bucket list, and yes it does contain things that I thought why don’t I just do them..

Now the good news is I am not going to regale you with the whole list- we’d all loose the will to live! But I am going to write down some here.

Top of my list is something I have been meaning to do for several years but just haven’t and time is running out. When my parents divorced my Mum took all the family photos and as soon as I had a home of my own she dumped the lot on me. Since then boxes and boxes of slides have lived in various cupboards in 5 different houses. My Dad would like to see them again. All I have to do is locate the boxes, sort out the slide projector, put up a screen and invite him over. Not hard, not rocket science- all I have to do is do it. So that is top of my bucket list.

Next are two things I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember, but they cost money. I would like to do a hot air balloon ride and a helicopter ride. Year after year I have dropped hints and not so subtle hints about this around my birthday and Christmas. All fell on deaf ears . So last year (2012!) I started saving my pennies and now I have enough for the hot air balloon. So that is second on my list. All I have to do now is book it.

When I was a child I grew up here- well just around the corner. There is a field I love and in it a tree I love. Ever since we came back here to live nigh on 11 years ago I have thought what a good project it would be to take a photo of this tree on the first of every month or as near to the first as I can manage and just see how it changes with the passing of the season. So that is third on my bucket list.

Just one more to tell you about.. I love walking but since my lovely dog Montmorency died nearly 4 years ago I have found it hard just to go for a walk minus a dog. And what I really want to do is to start walking again, gradually increasing how far I go. Today (because I did go out and take a picture of my tree) I found that I don’t feel self conscious at all walking by myself if I have a camera in my hand. And then joy of joy I have found the blog Country Girl Does Norfolk- or cgdn.blogspot.co.uk, and she organises a monthly photo scavenger hunt- 12 subjects for 12 photos. Perfect, with this project in hand I can go a walk with my camera and feel I have a purpose.

So that is just four of the things on my bucket list.

1 Slide show

2 Hot Air Balloon ride

3 Photo of tree every month project

4 Walk regularly.

I’ll post an update at the start of every month. In the meantime here is my tree ( oh and there are three photos, because I just couldn’t decide which was the best viewpoint) ( oh and there’s a fourth pic because I liked it!)

1.1.13 016

It’s the tree to the left.

1.1.13 011

From higher up the hill

1.1.13 008

From the other side.

Which is best do you think?

Next is the extra picture because I like it.

1.1.13 019

The castle!

Love to hear any thoughts- any resolutions or bucket lists to share?



Comments on: "No resolutions, just a bucket list!" (2)

  1. Oh yes, my best friend and I played down there and it was great under the tree.
    I liked that shot best too and was conveniently taken from near a log, so will be easy to stand in the same place again.
    Please do ask me about my plans, it’s time for me to do things and not just say I will.

  2. I like the third picture of the tree, it’s so lush and green. Did you like the tree when you were growing up there, or just when you cam back 11 years ago?

    This bucket list idea for a blog post is a great one, I’ve heard it said that when you write down goals you’re more likely to achieve them. I bet you will too, because we’ll be asking …Did you…? 😀

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