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Vertigo- the film locations

Hitchcock used real locations in San Francisco and California. We have had two wonderful holidays in California and visited all the locations we could source. here they are and in order…

Action begins in San Francisco

Outside Madelaine’s apartment


Recognize where Madelaine’s car is parked- if you want to visit it’s near the Mark Hopkins in San Francisco

Here’s the Mission Delores


And here is inside the Mission


Scotty goes from the back to the front and exits through a door on the right

Here the graveyard at the Mission- Carlotta’s grave is not there…


Next we have the Legion of Honour- where Carlotta’s picture is( not there really)


Madelaine parks her car just near the Arch. I don’t have a photo from inside, but the gallery is clearly recognizable, so do go in. You will recognise the genuine pictures from the film. (NB Carlotta’s house was pulled down, but it too was real!)

Next is the scene under Golden Gate, by Fort Point- bear in mind when Madelaine falls into the sea Hitchcock uses a swimming pool..

Coit Tower is used  by Hitchcock to indicate… well use your imagination… but can be seen through the window of Scotty’s apartment. I took this shot from near the crooked street..Lombard St


The film action now leaves San Francisco- and shows some giant trees- no idea where Hitchcock filmed, but here are the Sequoia trees in the National Sequoia Park.


Big hey- I love them.

Then there is the scene by the coast, and we all know what sea is meant to represent.. We didn’t find the exact spot, but here is a Cyprus tree which could be the place- photoed on the 17 mile drive to Pebble Beach


San Juan Batista is the location for Madelaine’s “suicide- here’s the stable scene.


here’s a bit more of the horse- still in the stable.


The bell tower doesn’t exist, but the chapel does..

And finally the Plaza Hotel provided the setting for the court scene and inquest.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of the film locations- we certainly loved the visits and holidays!




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  1. Vertigo was on the same disk as “It’s a Wonderful Life” so I seen a little bit of this film. All of these places looked familiar!

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