Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Do you recall these rather sad specimens of winter flowering pansies which I decided to recycle last July, by pressing them..

coffee cake 19july 12 002

coffee cake 19july 12 003

Well just look at them now

Christmas 2012 009

I was so thrilled with the card- all I did was draw a circle on the card and using common or garden( no pun intended!) PVA glue stuck them down into an arrangement I liked. I was so pleased with my effort that I dug out ( how many garden puns can I now get into this post?) some flowers I pressed many years ago and hadn’t known how to use them, and made another card..

Christmas 2012 010

I love the way the forget me not looks. As I had had these a few years (possibly 11 +) there is a sort of faded elegance about them, which reminded me that I had something which could be used behind the circle of flowers..

Christmas 2012 011

And then I thought why stick to circles- why not a heart shape, so using a biscuit cutter..

24.12.12 007

which I drew round I made this card..

Christmas 2012 012

Well and truly in my stride, the next thought was to use a piece of unused wrapping paper as background .

24.12.12 005

which became this

Christmas 2012 013

by now the flowers were virtually all gone but there was just one left for a  final card..

Christmas 2012 014

So what do you think- successful recycling of dying pansies, unused pressed flowers, scraps of wrapping paper?

Love to know if you like them and if so which is your favourite? I had such fun making them in winter and being reminded that the year has now turned the corner and the days are getting longer and spring is coming!




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