Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Well I am pretty much ready for Christmas now and what I would like to be doing is going on a walk on a sunny cold afternoon. Since I can’t- as it is a damp and dreary afternoon, is sitting in my craft room wondering which of the numerous half started projects I could be getting on with. Why is it that when I have time I am at my most indecisive? HMMM….

To cheer us all up in this damp isle of Britain here are some pictures I took a week ago when the weather was just right for the Christmas period.

cal dec 12 005

My bird table and bath. Shortly after I took this I saw a Kestrel under the bird table licking his beak having devoured a sparrow! My bird table is not meant to be a dinner table for kestrels much as I like them- mouse only diet please.

cal dec 12 006

Down my street

cal dec 12 004

cal dec 12 007

More of this please- I hope the sun predicted for tomorrow happens!


Comments on: "Pretending it is a sunny afternoon!" (1)

  1. creative pixie said:

    I’d much rather have a dry frost than all this rain we’ve been having.happy Christmas

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