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Sewing Project2

Well I am still trying to figure out how to use the new look word press! As well as learning to use my new sewing machine!  I could go off modern technology!

Anyway here is project number two- an Advent Calender, which brings me onto the thorny subject of Work In Progress. How long is a work in progress before it becomes an unfinished project, or a never got off the ground project. I have concluded that there are degrees of work in progress.

1 Projects actively being worked on right now- eg the jumper I am knitting for Master T

2 Projects where the moment passes and they are temporally shelved, but are revived- eg the rug I am sort of making again

3 Projects where you get all the material but never get started- the Advent Calender fits into this category.- except of course I did finally get started and finished.

4 Projects that exist in books and magazines and on shopping lists

5 Projects that are in one’s head

Anyway here hopefully I can add a picture of the Advent Calender

Advent Calender

Advent Calender


Comments on: "Sewing Project2" (4)

  1. If by “new look wordpress” you mean the new image gallery, I am finding writing a post using the “New Post” button next to the comment bubble in the top right of your blog is better than the one accessed via the dashboard. Why do they have to keep changing everything…..?

  2. Thank you- I will try that next- yes I do mean the new image gallery. Things have changed 4 times since May and I am not really happy about it. I struggle to follow their instructions!

  3. creative pixie said:

    Great advent calendar, are there any treats going in the pockets?

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