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Vertigo- the film locations

Hitchcock used real locations in San Francisco and California. We have had two wonderful holidays in California and visited all the locations we could source. here they are and in order…

Action begins in San Francisco

Outside Madelaine’s apartment


Recognize where Madelaine’s car is parked- if you want to visit it’s near the Mark Hopkins in San Francisco

Here’s the Mission Delores


And here is inside the Mission


Scotty goes from the back to the front and exits through a door on the right

Here the graveyard at the Mission- Carlotta’s grave is not there…


Next we have the Legion of Honour- where Carlotta’s picture is( not there really)


Madelaine parks her car just near the Arch. I don’t have a photo from inside, but the gallery is clearly recognizable, so do go in. You will recognise the genuine pictures from the film. (NB Carlotta’s house was pulled down, but it too was real!)

Next is the scene under Golden Gate, by Fort Point- bear in mind when Madelaine falls into the sea Hitchcock uses a swimming pool..

Coit Tower is used  by Hitchcock to indicate… well use your imagination… but can be seen through the window of Scotty’s apartment. I took this shot from near the crooked street..Lombard St


The film action now leaves San Francisco- and shows some giant trees- no idea where Hitchcock filmed, but here are the Sequoia trees in the National Sequoia Park.


Big hey- I love them.

Then there is the scene by the coast, and we all know what sea is meant to represent.. We didn’t find the exact spot, but here is a Cyprus tree which could be the place- photoed on the 17 mile drive to Pebble Beach


San Juan Batista is the location for Madelaine’s “suicide- here’s the stable scene.


here’s a bit more of the horse- still in the stable.


The bell tower doesn’t exist, but the chapel does..

And finally the Plaza Hotel provided the setting for the court scene and inquest.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of the film locations- we certainly loved the visits and holidays!




Pressed Flowers into Handmade cards!

Do you recall these rather sad specimens of winter flowering pansies which I decided to recycle last July, by pressing them..

coffee cake 19july 12 002

coffee cake 19july 12 003

Well just look at them now

Christmas 2012 009

I was so thrilled with the card- all I did was draw a circle on the card and using common or garden( no pun intended!) PVA glue stuck them down into an arrangement I liked. I was so pleased with my effort that I dug out ( how many garden puns can I now get into this post?) some flowers I pressed many years ago and hadn’t known how to use them, and made another card..

Christmas 2012 010

I love the way the forget me not looks. As I had had these a few years (possibly 11 +) there is a sort of faded elegance about them, which reminded me that I had something which could be used behind the circle of flowers..

Christmas 2012 011

And then I thought why stick to circles- why not a heart shape, so using a biscuit cutter..

24.12.12 007

which I drew round I made this card..

Christmas 2012 012

Well and truly in my stride, the next thought was to use a piece of unused wrapping paper as background .

24.12.12 005

which became this

Christmas 2012 013

by now the flowers were virtually all gone but there was just one left for a  final card..

Christmas 2012 014

So what do you think- successful recycling of dying pansies, unused pressed flowers, scraps of wrapping paper?

Love to know if you like them and if so which is your favourite? I had such fun making them in winter and being reminded that the year has now turned the corner and the days are getting longer and spring is coming!



Pretending it is a sunny afternoon!

Well I am pretty much ready for Christmas now and what I would like to be doing is going on a walk on a sunny cold afternoon. Since I can’t- as it is a damp and dreary afternoon, is sitting in my craft room wondering which of the numerous half started projects I could be getting on with. Why is it that when I have time I am at my most indecisive? HMMM….

To cheer us all up in this damp isle of Britain here are some pictures I took a week ago when the weather was just right for the Christmas period.

cal dec 12 005

My bird table and bath. Shortly after I took this I saw a Kestrel under the bird table licking his beak having devoured a sparrow! My bird table is not meant to be a dinner table for kestrels much as I like them- mouse only diet please.

cal dec 12 006

Down my street

cal dec 12 004

cal dec 12 007

More of this please- I hope the sun predicted for tomorrow happens!

Homemade or Bought?

I heard a discussion on the telly last week about homemade presents. There was a nice lady explaining all about the revival of homemade gifts and that making your own had had a resurgence this year. then there were some street interviews with shoppers, most of whom preferred a bought present. One lady said she would hate something that looked like it had been made by a 5 year old or Kirsty’S vintage home. WELL HUMPH!

Personally I would choose homemade every time. Homemade so shows such love, and thought and the time spent making a pressie. Shop bought just is not the same .

However, I am aware that some people do think like this so I make presents only for people who will value the gift I made.

This Christmas, has been no exception. So lets see what I have made- I can show you in the sure and certain knowledge that the recipients won’t be reading this!

Here are the homemade gifts I made for my Christmas swap partner- the secret blogger, Caroline. It also was my Christmas song… from the 12 days of Christmas we have a partridge in a pear tree. Only the partridge is represented by a pheasant, 3D decoupage card, a pear pincushion and a tree to hang on the tree!

projects 3 non 2012 001

Here are 2 more cards I made and sent to friends who appreciate homemade cards..

homemade presents 2012 002

I had great fun this year making presents with my own photos. These were made through snapfish

homemade presents 2012 001

For Mr E- a mug from our holiday and a desk top calender showing all the locations we have visited from the film Vertigo. I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the products, so went with Photo box to create a family calender- one for my Mum and one for my Dad. Here’s Dad’s

homemade presents 2012 003

That’s the cover

homemade presents 2012 004

April is my Dads birthday month- that’s him and Mr E putting the world to rights!

homemade presents 2012 005

May shows the beautiful daffodils and my beloved Gran’s old house

homemade presents 2012 006

June is the village of Thornton Dale where Dad now lives. Here comes August

homemade presents 2012 007

Now that is my niece N who supplied photos from my brothers family- so a real family enterprise. That’s Miss C trying on the hats I made her and her sister!

My son Mr B and his partner Ms G are having their first Christmas together this year- time for some homemade decorations for them

cal dec 12 001

Mr and Mrs Christmas- here they are in the mini hamper I gave them last week.

cal dec 12 008

And finally Master T got not only  his crochet owl hat, and I will resist the temptation to post it again, but also a new jumper. He has had this one in two smaller sizes already but loves the collar so I made it in this bigger size.

cal dec 12 002

He loves the buttons I choose him which are getting harder and harder to find- no doubt out of fashion now but he loves them.. here they are in close up.

cal dec 12 003

So what do you think.. homemade or bought presents?

Crochet Owl Hat

I fell in love with this little owl hat when I saw him on crochetwithtamara.wordpress.com. I found the pattern for him on http://www.repeatcrafterme.com . It took me a while to figure out the UK translations from the US terminology, and that I needed to use Aran wool. But after that it was more or less plain crocheting (sailing). I think I got the second ear peice in the right place, but will need to wait till Christmas to find out! But here is my crochet owl hat!

crochet owl hat

crochet owl hat

Do you like him?


Sewing Project2

Well I am still trying to figure out how to use the new look word press! As well as learning to use my new sewing machine!  I could go off modern technology!

Anyway here is project number two- an Advent Calender, which brings me onto the thorny subject of Work In Progress. How long is a work in progress before it becomes an unfinished project, or a never got off the ground project. I have concluded that there are degrees of work in progress.

1 Projects actively being worked on right now- eg the jumper I am knitting for Master T

2 Projects where the moment passes and they are temporally shelved, but are revived- eg the rug I am sort of making again

3 Projects where you get all the material but never get started- the Advent Calender fits into this category.- except of course I did finally get started and finished.

4 Projects that exist in books and magazines and on shopping lists

5 Projects that are in one’s head

Anyway here hopefully I can add a picture of the Advent Calender

Advent Calender

Advent Calender

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